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Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog Carnivals, Being Me and Followers.

What I am about to say will most likely piss MANY of you readers off. And I'm sorry for that, but I will not sugar-coat, nor will I sit here silent. And I sure as hell won't fake being happy, when in reality, I am not.

If this means I lose any followers/readers, then so be it. I would rather have followers that REALLY DO read my postings, and even leave an occasional comment. Rather than having someone "following" me only to have my blog serve the purpose of placing another "I'm Following" blog under the belt loop as to make YOU look good.

There are many, upon many blogging carnivals. So many, it really is hard to keep up and even remember all of their names.

Pretty much all of my life, I have never been one to be in a clique or an "in" crowd. And I don't see myself doing so now at my age (almost 34).

There are a few carnivals that I DO participate in. But it's a sporadic involvement. Those would be Weekend Warriors, Post-It-Note Tuesday, and What I Meant To Say Wednesdays, as well as one or two others.

When I write, I do it from the heart. What you read/see, is what you get. The REAL me. I have NEVER, EVER claimed to be anything more or less than what you see me type.

As of late, with all the drama BS I have seen, read, and heard about lately, especially pertaining to certain carnivals, I am more happy now than EVER that I don't really participate in them.

Most of the carnivals only (in my mind and eyes) seem to instigate cliques, fights and anonymous postings by those that don't have the brass balls to put their name to their shame.

My mama taught me (before her death) that I am somebody. Me. And that is all I will need to be, for those that will want to, to like me. For who I AM. Not for who I am POSING to be.

So, while I may take part in carnivals from time to time, they are the type that let me be ME. Let me feel in control of my writing. I refuse to play the "you follow me, I'll follow you" bit. Either you follow, or you don't.

And if we follow one another, then it would be LOVELY to see you comment on *MY* page once in a while. Instead of seeing me making all the moves and commenting on *YOUR* posts. Where's the love? Not on my page, I can say that.

That's one of the main reasons as well that I do NOT partake in carnivals. Because I know for a fact, with everything going on around in my daily REAL life, that I would NEVER be able to go and comment back to those that I participated with. At least not *ALL* of them, anyways.

So, now that you know that I refuse to play childish games, be it here on the blogs or in the head and heart, you, my fine readers have a choice to make.

Either respect my thoughts and feelings, and see where I am coming from...Or click the back button and remove me as one of the blogs you follow.

True, I do NOT follow every one of my followers. Because I don't have ALL day long to commit to reading every single entry that those that I read, makes. But I do TRY and at least READ the entries to the blogs that I DO follow. Because they interest me for whatever reason, and I feel like I can BE ME and say what I need to or want to, without persecution.

But also know, that I won't do carnival after carnival to "fit in" or just to gain more readers.

Either you like my work, or you don't.


In3Dee said...

amen, Mels.

Julie said...

Melissa- just letting you know I DO read, even if I have to read several osts ata a time to "catch up"... and I know I have been sucky lately about not posting in my own blog but I will be posting soon (hopefully). When I get kind of blah, I just don't post for a while. And I don't even know what a blog carnival is... But I'm sure I won't be running away with one anytime soon... ;o)

Slacker Mom said...

Here! Here!

Robin said...

I am assuming that you are talking about the blog hops. I always debate with myself on whether or not to participate in those each week. If/when I do, I don't feel compelled to follow someone if they comment on my blog "I'm following you. Follow me back." I will usually check out their blog, but I will only follow back if it looks like something I want to follow. If they actually read my blog and leave an insightful comment, I am more likely to follow them, but if their blog is just not "my thing" I might still not follow them. I might leave them a thoughtful comment, but not follow them. As you said, we all only have so much time.

Don't apologize for not participating in a blog hop. Or not following back. For people who are playing this as a numbers game, they will get their numbers...from other people who are doing the same. They can all NOT READ each other's blogs. It seems very pointless to me, but it is what it is.

Candise said...

I don't even know what a blog carnival I don't blame you though. I try to comment on peoples post when I feel like I have something to contribute. Hope all this nonsense gets cleared up for you soon. You have too much going on in your normal life to have to worry about all this.

Dave said...

You had me at "What I am about to say will most likely piss MANY of you readers off." How could I not read that?????

This is why I love you and your blog, though I admit I haven't been as good of a reader (for anybody, not just you) recently. Haven't been much of a poster, either, though that's coming in spurts.

Because you *don't* sugarcoat things. That's what makes you interesting and entertaining.

Keep up the good fight! You've got me behind you! You know, back sorting out the ammo and making sure everybody's got supplies...

Dave said...

Oh, and I love the new look! And if it's not that new, that tells you how far behind I am...

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