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Saturday, July 24, 2010

One of the *most* controversial videos in music history...

While the above is not the original video (thanks to embedding being disabled), 'Like A Prayer' by Madonna is one of the most controversial music videos of all time. If you were to watch the real deal, you will see the following...

Yes, my friends, these pictures contain blasphemous things. Oh the horror!!

There is a black Jesus. And there are burning crosses. Along with a Church Choir.

Who ever said that Jesus IS a white man? He was raised a Jew in Nazareth. So, technically, the man was not black, nor was he a white man.

As for the crosses that are burning, they are to symbolize the time in which this video's story takes place. Back when the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) reined supreme, primarily in the South. And if you read about our nation's "lovely" history about racial segregation and the severe and violent racism, you would "get it" that the burning crosses are telling of that piece of the south's history and their HATRED of the black communities.

As for the Church Choir, I like it. Those people singing bring the song full circle to me. And they are helping to tell the story of their ancestors of the past, while they were mistreated, feared and hated in the time of the KKK. And it shows how African Americans were blamed for practically anything and everything back then, as well.

Look how the black man helps Madonna's character after two WHITE men beat her and are about to rape her. The cops locked up the black guy, they didn't run after the REAL culprits. Racial profiling was running rampant back then as well.

Even today, in the new millennium, this video gets A LOT of flack. Mainly by the Christian sect. And mainly due to the fact that Madonna has crosses burning as she is dancing. It wasn't to be blasphemous or for "shock value". It was to show the REAL history of our nation, in a time when being even friends, let alone being in a relationship with a black person was one of the MOST vile things a white person could do.

If people who jump and holler about 'Like A Prayer' were to sit down and REALLY watch the video, as well as listen to the words, then maybe, just maybe they would see it is not a "video of Satan".

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