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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My baby Graduated!...And she isn't even in High School yet. (=

On Friday, we had our last day of school for the Summer. We here in the city were on the College schedule and had almost a month-long Winter Break, a shorter Spring Break, got out of school twenty minutes later than last year. To say it was effed up is an understatement.

First off, I am happy to report that Hayley made a perfect 600 on her Math SOL. She also made advanced score on Science, and "proficient" on Reading (though she is an average of a level 10th grade reading level, but was one question shy of "advanced" on the test..big whoop, right?). Social Studies score will be mailed, seeing as they took it late and the results took longer than we had.

It was SUCH a busy week where school was concerned. Friday was the "pay off" day for about sixty or so fifth graders in our school. They made it. EVERY SINGLE ONE. We have a 100% Graduation/Advancement Rate going on to the area's Middle Schools in the Fall.

In their honor, they and their parents and other selected (by the students) family members were treated to a Graduation Breakfast, by a fellow mom who's daughter is also moving on to Middle School.

Our Guest Speaker was Lynchburg City Mayor, Joan Foster. Her last, and most profound sentence to the kids were, "Follow YOUR vision and let no one negative get in the way of your dreams".

          (Mayor Foster speaking to the kids..and to us parents, who got a round of applause, too.)

           (Mayor Foster with Hayley (in red) and her close BFF who will be in a different school.)

              (Hayley with her BFF in green and homeroom 5th grade teacher, along with her other good friend.)

              (Her Science and Social Studies Teacher, whom she ADORED (not saying she didn't love HR Teacher, too! lol))


Cheeseboy said...

This is awesome. Congrats to her! Great to see and hear of good teachers out there.

Missy (& various in Transplant blog) said...

Thank you. I know it sounds stupid, but I sit here, looking at these pictures and just cry.

Where did 11 years go to? To see the young woman she is becoming is amazing to see in transformation, but heart-breaking all at the same time.

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