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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Girl, The Track Star

Hayley is pretty humble. She will just say that she just enjoys the running and being able to do it with her friends.

She's for the most part, quiet, unless around her peers. She has her own ideals about the world and about life in general.

When she was a bit younger, my husband and I had our reservations about Hayley in regards to being a "dirt digger" or a "sporty" kid. She loves to wear girly outfits. She's discovering makeup (mascara and LIGHT color lip gloss or lipstick only). And she is becoming a woman before my very eyes.

But this morning, after twelve tedious weeks of training and hard work, with already visible physical results, my eleven-year-old young lady ran her first ever (and most likely NOT last) 5K race with Girls On The Run Greater; Lynchburg Chapter.

A First and a Second Grade school teacher coached the all-girls team of (I think) fifteen runners for three months, and all the while teaching them life skills, how to have good self-esteem and quell the fears of those going in to Middle School next Fall (including Hayley).

The coaches also taught them breathing and timing techniques as to benefit mostly in running rather than walking during their 3.1 mile journey to the finish line.

Hayley and her BFF are really wanting to do this again next year. It all depends on the school and if they have a couple of teachers willing to coach, and if they can get at least the minimum number of teammates to join. And after witnessing it this year, I honestly can't see why ANY school wouldn't WANT to have such a positive program in their school.

My child has greatly benefited from Girls On The Run, as you can see from the pictures below.

             Yes, that IS pink and purple in her hair. And I actually like it!

              We are about to hear the horn to start the race.

                Almost there!! Only had about a quarter of a mile to go.

                 Hayley's school Principal came to watch HER girls be the best team ever! She said she was so proud of Hayley finishing the entire course without stopping. Or walking.

             Until next year!! They earned a good rest at the bridge.

                 Hayley and her BFF, who came in mere seconds after Hayley did to the finish line. They BOTH finished right under the 46 minute mark (by a few seconds!).

Who knows! Next year if Hayley can get on a team for Girls On The Run in her Middle School, this old gal may train with her and run next year's race. Family is allowed to run with a registered teammate.  It's been a LONG time since I ran a race. Last one was when I was fifteen and I ran in the San Francisco's Bay To Breakers (7 mi. course).

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singedwingangel said...

go Hayley go Hayley..girl I don't want to run 7 feet with my chest let alone 7 miles holy cow

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