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Monday, May 9, 2011

Musical Monday..It's (honestly not) A "Manic Monday"

I am kicking Monday's ass! Royally. It's probably THE best Monday I've had in quite some time. With the exception of ONE argument between the two oldest, whereas I squashed that bug QUICK, it's been a pretty awesome morning.

I've so far gotten three, count them, THREE loads of laundry washed and/or dried. Gotten all of my dishes washed, kids dressed and off to school on time AND am now working on my third cup of coffee. Oh and Gobi's (our Bearded Dragon) crickets and him all fed and watered for the time being (Gobi still eats two to three times a day).

So Monday has thus far felt my wrath. I am drenched in Awesome Sauce today. I feel good and energized. Oh! And I got my NEW blender, that I got to pick out myself at WalMart for my Mother's Day present. Plus the kids and the hubby took me to Golden Corral for breakfast (was my choice). Plus we stopped at Ollie's where my Sister-In-Law works to look around a bit. She bought ALL THREE kids up to three books a piece.

Now, for the musical part of this post, seeing as I have dubbed Monday as "Musical Monday". And it's not "musical" if I don't put the music in there, right?

Right. So, for all of those peeps out there that instead of kicking Monday's ass, is getting kicked BY Monday, this song's for you.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are extremely happy today :D
I like Bangles. Nice music :)

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

Well look at you having a good start to the week.

We went to a winery for mothers day, we picnicked and drank wine. I drank too much wine, it was good but I was dragging today.

Hopefully my Tuesday will feel more like your Monday.



Dave said...

Sounds like an awesome Monday!

Mine wasn't too bad. Thankfully, there were no major fires to put out at work.

That sucks when it happens on a Monday.

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