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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm On Hiatus, But... (WARNING! Language laced PYHO post!!)

It looks like I just HAVE TO join in on today's PYHO with Shell. All thanks to my Bloggy-Buddy, Holly, over at Holly's House (Not A Perfect Mom's Blog), where she talked about how people spout off with Diarrhea of the Mouth disease regarding her having four kids that are so close in age, with one being a child that has Downs Syndrome, and that she is also a STAY-AT-HOME Mom. I'm in the same boat, but with a different situation. We both have it involving kids. HER'S being a kid number thing. MINE is a kid vs. mom's age thing.

So, here is my Pour Your Heart Out (PYHO) post. If you wish to join in, just click on the button below and follow the directions..Oh! And please remember that this meme and those of us that participate do not wish to have negativity brought to our posts. For many of us, this may be our ONLY means of venting. So be nice, or shut your fingers off from commenting.

I am 34 years old. I am married. I have three children. Or at least that's what I have thought. I thought that I am to be considered an adult.

True, I have an eleven year old who is my weight and dang near my height. She is only off by about two inches to my five foot frame, which is pretty petite. I also still look fairly young to many of my peers.

My daughter has a brother who is only seventeen months her junior. Having them so close together in age, at times it honestly felt like I was raising twins. They have a little sister who is now six. My oldest was five years and ten days older than the littlest one.My son is about three and a half years older.

Over the years, I have had (officially) five pregnancies. In the end, I have three kids. You do the mathematical science.

Also, over the years, since having the kids, I have had (literally) countless occasions where I am out and about with all three kids where someone will stop me and ask "Are THOSE all YOUR kids?!". Of course, the two older ones turn around and start to snicker under their breath as I proceed to answer the dreaded comment. "Yes, they ARE ALL THREE indeed MY kids".

Which then (normally in the SAME conversation and in the same tone) comes the "How old ARE you??". I of course answer with "thirty-four" (or whatever age it's been in the past).

After that, it's like the idiot wishes to have a throw down match of wit and words, as if I am lying. "You CAN'T be thirty-four! You only look about seventeen!!", which is the better end of it. I once in a while get fourteen. Worst one of memory was when the oldest was eight months old, I was twenty-three and the dumb bitch ARGUED with me, saying there was NO way, and that I HAD TO BE twelve and BABYSITTING the kid.

I am SO sick of people ARGUING my age versus kid count ratio. Then look appalled when I tell them they are ALL THREE mine. Should I take my state-issued ID card, punch a hole in the corner and place a chain through it, then wear it like Military Dog Tags, with my information showing at all times?

People are SO damn rude. I get SO sick of hearing the above statements made TO MY FACE after answering their asinine questions. Especially when in reality, it's NONE of their business.

When someone is NICE enough to answer a question that in truth is just you being NOSY, here is some advice...

Take the answer to your STUPID question, shove it in your pocket, say something NICE back and then walk away and continue on with your day.

If you can't be cordial after asking such a personal thing to a STRANGER, then I suggest you say NOTHING at all, or shove it up your ass. Believe me, I am at the point in my life to say it too, if someone argues with me about my age and MY kids again in the future.

I CANNOT help it that I still look damn good (as in young-faced) for my age group. I don't smoke anymore. I rarely drink, and when I do, not excessively. I rarely, if ever wear makeup. And I eat fairly healthy.

And I also can't help it that my children (at least two of them, anyways) will be TALLER than I am. And I can't help it that one of them is basically already there. Blame her wonderful and attentive stupid piece of shit father sperm donor. He is six foot. I am five foot. Use your smarts and take it from there.

So take it from me, it's not fun to have to be FORCED to play "Twenty Questions" with people you don't even know, as you mind your own business, be it walking down the street, or walking around the store, and when you get TOO nosy, be ready to have it taken clean off.


Not a Perfect Mom said...

fabulous! love it...
I just love the comments from strangers, like you're going to say "oh yeah, I forgot, I was a teen mom" or "haha, I am the nanny, fooled you!"

Eschelle said...

oi i know how you feel I get "are those yours??" then "how old are you?!" as well. I only have two kids but i'm only 23 lol!

Lisa said...

Totally agree with you. I'm 31 and have two kids and often get the same reactions. People are dumb and ignorant.

Stopping by from PYHO.

We 2 Bees said...

I loved your post! It's so true~ people are rude! Who disagrees with someone they just a rude question too? I think you should tell the next person off, or just walk off without a comment.
Stopping by from Shell's.

Shell said...

I wish people would think before they opened their mouths!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I get BOTH types of comments....I have four kids, my oldest is 18. I am 38 but look younger. So I get the "are all of them yours?" and "You don't look old enough to have teenagers!" Although I must admit as I get older I don't mind the age-related comments so much (as long as they're flattering and not just asinine!)

Ashley said...

Ha! I guess the underlying bright side to all that annoyingness is that you clearly look fabulous for your age. :) I really do wish strangers would mind their own business. My 4 year old is obsessed with how many kids people have and asked a lady the other day who was out with her daughter and what appeared to be 3 or 4 of her daughters friends "Did you have all those girls in your tummy!?" It was cute and embarrassing at the same time.

Adrienne said...

Why do complete strangers feel it's ok to say whatever they want? I look young, actually had children young, and get the whole teen mom all the time! I'm 33, my oldest is 12 going on 13, and people say the dumbest stuff to me too!

Anastasia said...

Because why would you lie? People are idiots.

danawentsnap said...

Tee hee... I'm 35. I have acne so I automatically look like a high-schooler. I have a 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter...

I used to answer the "how OLD are you?" question. Now, I just smile and say a lady never reveals her age, and a gentleman never asks. :) I no longer talk about age. (Usually by that time one of my kids has outed me, though!)

Stopping by from PYHO. ;)

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