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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's the Final Countdown!!

As of today, only three weeks left. Then it's BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! And this being August first, the song (and aptly the title of this post) came rushing to mind. And it's been in my head since then.

We (as in Dad and I) are in the homestretch. Been a long, hot, but fun summer overall. But I will indeed be happy that they are going to be in school soon. The kids miss their friends. They miss the teachers (two do, as the oldest is in Middle School this year).

We had our annual family vacation trek (which may change next year) to Kings Dominion theme park. Here's a few pictures...

We had a blast! But it was pretty hot and muggy. Still, the kids wore us out. Between the rides (including the Shockwave where my oldest caught me and Dad going through the loop, picture above) and the water park the next day, I think the kids nearly killed us this year.

As for Gobi, our Bearded Dragon, he is still growing like a weed.

So, with all that said, the next three weeks will be pretty busy. I still have another child going in for an annual exam, and having to get the Physical forms to let the oldest play sports this year, need to school shop for supplies. Thankfully, my husband's mom has helped me get clothes for ALL THREE kids throughout the summer at the thrift store she volunteers at. Including uniform items for the two younger ones. All I need to buy are some new shoes, clothing-wise. And of course, the oldest and I need to go to Middle School Orientation.

After the school year starts, I'm going to be blogging much more often. But it felt good to take a break from it for the summer (for the most part). Have a great week, and I'll be back soon!


Diana said...

Sounds like you've had some fun times. My teen has been gone to camp most of the summer, she is a counselor there. She is at the age that I actually miss here and am NOT looking forward to school starting!!
Love Di ♥

Missy said...

HAHA! I'm sure that one day, I'll get to that point of WANTING THEM HOME for the Summer. Right now though, at their ages, it's all fighting and trying to make my life crazier than it already is.

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