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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The "Pregnancy Game" Statuses On FaceBook

I'm pretty certain that those of you reading this, have a FaceBook page. And I'll bet you two to one, that at least once, within your News Feed, you have seen the now infamous "cravings game". The status goes like this...

""I'm _weeks and craving _"

It is inboxed to LADIES ONLY on FaceBook, and specifically in the email, like the bra and purse games, you are not to NOT tell the men about it, and to keep them guessing what it's all about. All the while, it is SUPPOSED TO be promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here's one little flaw. BC Awareness is NEXT month, people! In October. Not in September. And it sure as hell is not in August (when it started to circulate)!

And here is flaw number two. Do you all know what other Awareness time it is, in OCTOBER, that coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Personally, I see it as being insensitive to Breast Cancer survivors and those that sadly lost the battle, to use pregnancy "jokes" as a means to raise awareness. Being that it, as well as the bra thing is NOTHING in relation to the subject of Breast Cancer. And yes, to me, it is also in a way, distasteful to make it a "game" when there are many women (and men) that have lost a baby during pregnancy.

If you (general use, not to any specific person) are going to try and raise awareness for something or a cause you believe in, then it's best to "shoot from the hip" and state specifically what the nature of the subject is. Not to make others wonder (especially saying WOMEN ONLY CAN KNOW WHAT IT REALLY MEANS). That does not a thing to raise awareness for the ACTUAL cause/subject.

Plus think about are MEN. They aren't going to sit and think "oh look, I think that these ladies are trying to make us aware of a deadly disease that can even strike men". They are just sitting there, wondering "WTH is this crap with weeks and cravings for all these candies?". Sad, but true. Even my husband has said it's not doing a single thing to "raise awareness".

As a mom that has lost 2 angel babies, and as a daughter-in-law that has a MIL who has survived BC twice and other cancers as well, I'm sorry, but yes I am a bit offended, and I have strong oppositions to "games" like this that don't do a thing for the "root point" of awareness.

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Hello I'm Lala! said...

GREAT post!! I agree with you on this one.

Patty said...

I TOTALLY agree with you!

As a Cancer Support Specialist, I get sick and tired of all the supposed messages that circulate, especially on Facebook, concerning Breast Cancer in which people don't research the facts before sending out erroneous links that do not do jack shit to support any Cancer-related foundation.

I had a newly-diagnosed patient come into the salon today; she starts Chemo on Tuesday. She was smiling, doing her best to rise above her fears, knowing her hair will be falling out within 16 days after her particular course of treatment commences. Her husband couldn't hold back his tears.

People need to witness scenes like this before sitting on their rear ends and posting crap on FB, thinking they're "doing something positive" for Cancer research, etc.

Get out and do a sponsored Walk in your community; volunteer time in some treatment facility....donate a few dollars, organize bake sales, tag sales and donate proceeds directly to the American Cancer Society.

Better yet, come to New York and to where I work; sit in a private room in the salon with me while I shave off a woman's hair before fitting her with a Cranial Prosthesis. Watch me hold her, comfort her and give her whatever strength I can to fight this devastating disease. Then...think about all you AREN'T doing when you play along with these asinine Facebook games.

Sylvanfire said...

I totally agree with you! As a mom of an Angel and a rainbow I hate anything joking about pregnancy. I have a few friends who are unable to have children and others who have went through Cancer treatments and I feel these facebook games (cause that's all they are) are useless to the cause. If they really wanted to help they should support foundations that help cancer, instead of just making silly games.

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Ixy said...

Hmm I hadn't seen this one yet. I wouldn't be participating anyway, because I AM pregnant and not ready to announce it yet given the complications so far (I lost one twin and hoping to hold onto the other).

I guess I don't get offended by things like this because I think most people just do it as a mildly funny game rather than to raise awareness (which it obviously doesn't do given half the people reading it have no idea what you're talking about).

Good post!

Remy said...

It is definitely NOT doing a damn thing to raise awareness. In all honesty it even confused ME and I was a fellow woman! I didn't know what it was about 'til I wandered over to this here post so THANK YOU for it!

It is very distasteful. My father lost his biological mother to breast cancer, and I know many people who also have lost loved ones as well.

If one is going to raise awareness for something, DONATE to Susan G, or wear pink in OCTOBER!

AubrieAnne said...

Hey! Long time, no talk. I hope everything has been going well for you.

I do have a facebook, but have yet to see this little joke going around. I may not be on it enough, but I think you have some very valid points. The insensitivity thing is correct.

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