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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Good Reads" Equals Good Times!

It's been a while since I hopped on here and had written. Not a whole lot in life around here has changed too much. So, there really isn't anything to whine, nag, or get angry about. For the time being, that is.

So, instead, I have decided to use my blog as an advertising tool. Namely for myself. Because it's MY blog and MY plug. (=

First of all, I have ALWAYS loved to read. Books are my BFFs. They always have been. And my girls (figures, it is always the girls lol) are avid readers as well.

So, I joined a site called Good Reads. I have my own profile. The link to it is Missy.

There are millions of books available to choose from. And you can break them all down in to "read", "to read" and "currently reading". You can give them ratings and reviews, too.

Also, there are groups. So many of them, it really is hard to choose from. I myself have started two of my own.

One is Stay Home Mom Club. It's just for Stay-At-Home mothers and even Grandmothers who are raising children.

My other group is for mothers as well. But for those that have children (be it an adult child or a minor, living with them or out on their own) that are disabled. The group can be found under Special Needs Moms.

In both groups, we talk about life, vent, and of course, about BOOKS! All genres.

Also, on FaceBook, I have started a new group as well for us book worms. Teens, men, women.. Everyone is accepted! And it's got a pretty unique, catching name. What is it you ask? Why it's Books; My Other Lover, of course!

We will have a weekly fun/random poll that won't necessarily pertain to reading. There's already a host of conversations to get you started in our DOC area. And we are chatting up a storm on the group's wall.

As of right now, I am also doing the Good Reads' 2011 Reading Challenge. I set a goal of eleven books to be read by the end of the year. After my current novel, I'll only have three more to go. Can I do it? Maybe.

Currently, I am reading the fifth book of the 'Left Behind' series, penned by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. The installment is named "Apollyon".

The storyline is set in a post-Rapture world where many people that "didn't get right with God" were left behind, as their family members and friends who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior had ascended to Heaven.

In this book, the fifth plague is coming upon the people. The Anti-Christ is doing all that he can, through his one-world-order to stop God from fulfilling His prophesy and trying to alienate those from Christ as to win over God's converts or potential converts.

There are lies told. Secrets unfold. Love blossoms. A new life on the way. And a nasty plague of scorpion-like locusts are about to take over.

"Apollyon" is a 403-page novel. I just started reading it on November sixth. Yes, TWO days ago! And I am about to pick back up on page 251. So, hopefully, I should be done with this book by the end of the day.

It has certainly held my attention, keeping me captivated and in awe thus far. The ride through the Rapture, the Tribulation and the impending battle of good versus evil as to the End of Days has been a bumpy, but exhilarating one!

So, I highly recommend the book and it's four parts before it, in the "Left Behind" series, if you are in to Christian-based Fiction.

And I hope to see you join one of, a couple of, or even all three of my groups that I had listed above. We'd love to have you join us!

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AubrieAnne said...

Sounds like it is right up my alley! I might have to come and check it out!


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