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Thursday, November 10, 2011

UPDATE on Good Reads group..

First off, I'd like to congratulate my oldest daughter for making it in to her school's Book Club. They already have their first book to read and will be meeting after school once a week to discuss the stories and whatnot. She had to get at least 25 AR (Accelerated Reading) points. She made it just past the minimum amount.

Now, onward to the Good Reads group. I had initially made a "book club" for those moms that stay at home with their kids, being that I am one myself. But I noticed that even with the "re-vamp" of certain things to make it more active and organized, still, I had no real activity in there.

Now, I have opened the book club group to ALL mothers and grandmothers (and that includes Foster Mothers!). It is aptly now called Mom's Book Club.

Here is the description of the group, taken from the area of the site it's self..

"If you are a Mother (or Grandmother, a Foster Mother, or an aunt with minor children living with you that you are guardianship over) and love to read, then come on inside and join us!

We talk about books and everyday life, have an entertainment/Hollywood Buzz section and other areas to talk and maybe make a new friend or two.

Lots to see. Lots to talk about. Especially BOOKS! "

If this sounds like a group for you, then PLEASE click on the group's link, and click JOIN under the group's Profile Avatar.

I've lost a couple of moms that are SAH ladies. But that's okay. I see it as being "their loss" to making potential friends and finding some great new reads.

And I am currently working on a Stephen King/Peter Straub collaboration, "Black House". I also had bought a John Grisham book, as well as a couple of others today over at the Good Will.

Have a great day, and I hope to see you join me over at Good Reads, and in the Mom's Book Club group.

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