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Friday, December 2, 2011

FUF .... With Angel and Christy

Well, it's been a good while since I have jumped on the band wagon. But now is certainly the time.

So, I'm joining Christy and Angel in letting off some steam. It's Friday. So that means it's..

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Fawk you Walmart Online Shopping! I love you, but right now I don't like you very much. Why? Because when I had placed my order, it said that BOTH the comforter and the bed sheet set were in for me to pick up TODAY. Because it was IN STOCK. Only when I got it this morning (Friday), all I was able to get was the sheets. Your BOH (Balance on Hand) was all fucked up. It should have read ZERO. If it did, I would NEVER have placed the order. Instead, the dipshit that didn't do their job had it as 4 or 5. Were they invisible comforters?

Fawk you, cataract! You are screwing with me too much these days. I have a hard time reading small print and my night vision in that eye is TERRIBLE. But when it counts, like oh.. getting some READING glasses, your ass gives me 20/30 vision. So, now I have to wait three..count them, THREE more months before the doctor would consider giving me glasses. I so cannot wait to have us part ways and get my implant.

Fawk you, Pokemon! Get your shit together and put more merchandising of your brand out on store shelves. I looked, and looked, and looked, and... You get the idea. Not even Ebay, Amazon or Walmart had your bedding. Not in ANY form. My boy is nuts (yes, legally, but also in the (overly) excited sense, too) about your show and most of it's characters. With Dad home early in the mornings now, that is their pre-bus-boarding ritual to watch your show after the kids dress for school. Instead, I had to give him Transformers, which he likes, but I don't think he will almost pee himself from excitement from opening that gift of Christmas morning.

Fawk you, Blogger! Your not letting me see ALL of the blogs that I care to have in my Reader List is really pissing me off. I shouldn't have to constantly refresh, or even retry the entire link just to (hopefully) have the blog(s) I'd love to see in my Blog Roll.


Christy said...

I love shopping online and have run into that issue before with them. It really does suck. And too bad about the glasses problem. I can't believe the doctor won't give them to you.

Blogger has been irritating me lately too. I couldn't even get into my own blog the other day. Shame on them!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

I love the my son is nuts sentence! you kill me!

Unknown said...

You may need to readd mine through the new address since I bought my own domain..
I wish you could have found him the bedding set. That kind of sucks that you got the sheets but a different blanket. Hey you could tell him Pokemon were the original Transformers I mean after all they transform into different versions of themselves as they get stronger. Same thing with Transformers in a way lol

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