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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Husband's Created a MONSTER!!

How did he do that? By having me shop around. Online.

I have officially fallen head over heels in LOVE with online shopping.

And now also add bidding on Ebay, too!

God almighty, he may have caused an addiction to start. Especially where Ebay's concerned. Some of the "Buy Now" prices just blow my mind. Books for only ninety-nine CENTS? Ka-pow, baby!

And I have noticed with the major brand, big-box stores like Target and Walmart, the online prices are BETTER than the in-store prices. It's really crazy.

The only thing that I wish that I had done different with ordering from Walmart was that I should have gone ahead and had all of the items shipped to my home and just pay the shipping fee. But, instead I had them FREE shipped from "site to store". And even though most of everything that I had ordered has been shipped out to the store, not everything is arriving at once.

Which makes me and Walmart close BFFs this Christmas season. I am going to see so much of my store, I think I may actually end up puking smiley faces, eventually.

So from now on, if I make orders from ANY big retail chain store, this chick is going to suck it up and pay that shipping fee to have it shipped to my house.

As for Ebay, I'll wait until next month and maybe order a few books for myself and the kids. Or even bid on them.

Thanks hubby! You have created a online retail shopping monster.

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