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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fluff

Hello readers! I hope that you are having a great kick start to your Friday morning, and to your weekend.

My great start has ran out of gas apparently. Starting this morning of all the days. Monday, all the way through until Thursday, it has been the parent's dream of getting three kids and a husband off to school and work (respectively in that order).

Damn! Of all the days for the ride to end. It had to be this one. And to top it off? I'll give you three guess, and the first two won't count.

What?!?! What do you mean your brain is too combobulated to guess?! It's not even Friday night yet. So don't be hitting up the "Gin n' Juice" quite yet my friends.

Okay...I will tell you. No guessing games today.

My stupid cell phone is missing. Again. I swear! It gets lost more times a week than the times per week I get any loving. Sad. If I had a quarter (inflation, people!) for every time I have had to ask the little people in my house "where is Mama's phone at, and who had it last" (usually Bryce), I would be so rich, I could afford to buy the Verizon guy and pay him to follow me around asking "is your phone still with you?".

So ladies and gentlemen, here is to a better ending to my Friday, and a better start to my weekend... And I hope your's will turn out to be pretty spiffy as well.

1 comment:

singedwingangel said...

eek hope you have found it... umm call yourself and see if you can hear it ringing

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