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Thursday, November 19, 2009

"He who hath not commited sin, shall cast the first stone."

Normally, I am not one to quote Biblical Scripture. But, for some reason, this one happened to pop in to my brain. And ultimately, I felt led to write about this passage. Although, I can't for the life of me remember what Book and verse it stems from.

As a child, I was "forced" in to submission. I had to submit to attending church with my Paternal Grandmother, who was an extremely devout Roman Catholic.

Throughout my childhood, she would quote Scripture to me. Especially when I was being punished. She would tell me that I made God sad and hurt His feelings.

She was also a devout hypocrite. Because many years later, after her death, I had learned of the not-so-Christian-like things that she had in her life's history.

Several divorces. One of her two sons was concieved and ultimately born out of wedlock. And that is to just name a couple of things. In fact I think that the only one that wasn't on her list of "Broken Commandments" was Adultry.

While still alive, she knew of some of my unChristianly partakings of the flesh. And she let me know how in the wrong I was. And for me, yes this DID include Adultry. While I know why I commited that sinful act, no excuse will hold up for my transgression of the flesh.

I'm far from an innocent Christian. I have made many, many mistakes in this lifetime. And I know that there are countless more coming in the years to come.

But I know that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ will still love me. No matter how much I may hurt His feelings, or may break His heart. And as long as I ask, and truly mean it within my being, I will be forgiven.

This is why I do not judge others. Not for their "sinful acts", such as adultry, lying, stealing. Not even for loving someone else of the same gender.

In my heart, and in my mind, how can I sit in judgement of another human being, when I myself have failed at keeping the Lord's Commandments?

That question would race through my veins every time that my Grandmother would sit in judgement of me and my mistakes. When all along, she herself had her own glass house to throw stones at.

This is why I go by "Remove the plank from thy own eye thus you remove the plank from another's". As well as "He who hath not commited sin, shall cast the first stone". Because I know that my sins, while may not be as big as my neighbor's, are just as great a deal to God, as the neighbor's is.

There is only one true Judge. And I am not it. Nor are you. Only the Lord God can judge. He is my judge, and mine alone in the end.


singedwingangel said...

Sweetie when will you learn that God only has broken people to use in his army... cause we get that value of what His redemption menas.. If you ave never been broken you cannot appreciate the gift of love that has no boundaries

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Oh, I get it. Like I said, the verse popped in to my head. And when it did, I just felt led to write. And this is what came out. (=

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