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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What are YOU thankful for this holiday season?

This morning, I sat here and it suddenly dawned on me, that in one week, it will be Thanksgiving Day. And it will also mean my kids will have an extra two days off from school to drive me completely and utterly insane.

Of course, this is the holiday where people are thankful. For what they have, who they have in their lives, and so forth.

You know, the usuals. We are all thankful for our jobs (for those that are employed, especially in these very hard economic times), our families (even those pesky inlaws), for our homes and other neccessities in life. And even for the not-so-needed materialistic things that we have.

While I'm extremely grateful for all of the above myself, there is one special thing in particular that I am more grateful and thankful for this holiday season. One thing more than anything else in the above list. Yes, I think honestly even more than my children....

My eyesight.

In a flash (literally) it was gone from my left eye. I could barely see any light through it.

After a failed "gluing" procedure done on my Perforated Cornea, that was "blown out" by a skin infection that went to my eye, and my own clumsiness, I required an emergency Corneal Transplant surgery. Even though my eye was still heavily infected. 

Really, it was a gamble. Either do it, and chance possible failure (rejection) and lose my whole eye. Or just take the eye and get it over with.

There is only one way to retrieve a cornea from another person's eye. That is to remove the cornea from a deceased donor who was gracious enough, and had a kind enough heart to donate their organs and/or their tissues after death.

Within not even a week after surgery, I had my first huge break through. For the first time in about two weeks, I was able to read the first big letter, and a second set of letters on the eye chart. I could see a hand waving their fingers from about two or three feet back. And I was able to discern light from dark. 

Now, I'm able to get the first maybe two or three lines of an eye chart. Believe me, my Periphrial vision and judgement on clearing things on my left side are still problematic. But I deal with it. It's especially hard if I have to wear my protective eye patch. But it's all worth it.

Because, thanks to a fellow human being's final act of love and kindness, I am able to watch with both eyes wide open, my children grow, be happy, and one day have their own children.

God had truly blessed me and my life. He has given me and my family something special this year. And it's a gift that I hope to have until He calls me home to be with Him. He sent me an angel that day. That angel is my Cornea Donor and their family. May the Lord bless them as He has blessed me.                                        

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singedwingangel said...

Always nice to remind ourselves of what all we DO have

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