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Saturday, November 14, 2009

If only I could get that one operation....(posted on 9/10/09 on CafeMom)

After seeing snippets of President Obama's Address to Congress last night, I must say I was pretty impressed.

Did I agree with EVERYTHING? No. I can see both the pros and the cons with the Health Care Reform Bill that the Democrats are pushing to pass.

And I also agree with the President when he said that it was time to stop playing games. The longer things are "hashed out", argued over and ran through the mill, the more people are dying, getting sick and not having a way to get medical care. Some are forced in to using the Emergency Room for generalized care.

Again, I also agree that ILLEGAL immigrants should not be able to recieve FREE health benefits.

Then, there are people like me. Waiting to have a pre-existing problem rectified. Some of us live in pain, some DAILY, waiting for the day when our Private Insurance companies will be willing (or told that they must) pick up the tab to help improve our lives.

If this Bill can be passed with the provision to make Private Insurance companies help with Pre-Existing Conditions, then MILLIONS of Americans can once again live pain free and have a better outlook on our lives and our futures.

There are so many conditions that can easily be erraticated within a person who has lived for YEARS in pain and suffering. Some need basic health care. Some need more....Such as myself.

If I could only get one operation, then my life would change. For the better. And I would also GREATLY decrease my chance of getting Cancer as a bonus.

Every time one of my Ovarian Cysts rupture, I am in consistent, mind-numbing, send you to your knees pain. There are times I can't even SIT DOWN without being doubled over, in tears.

There are people with afflictions worse than my own with far worse pain. If they could have their treatment or their surgery, can you imagine how greatly improved their overall mental and physical health can be?

If only people in Congress and all through America would stop bickering and do something! It would make the lives of millions of Americans supremely more worth living.

If only we can get those Private Insurers to see that we are MORE than their paychecks and money-makers. We are people. We are HUMAN BEINGS. Not a bank account with interest to draw off of.

It's getting old. Paying in to a health care company that only wants to help when you are at death's door with an ailment, that if taken care of long ago, would not be a possible death sentence today.

If only Private Insurance companies were to pay for Pre-Existing Conditions.

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