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Monday, November 16, 2009

My letter to CafeMom as to why I am LEAVING their site

I've enjoyed MOST of my time on CafeMom. But as of late, the site has really gone down. Mainly due to many of your members.
They are violating TOS after TOS and "getting away" with it. The lack of maturity among many of the "ladies" on this site has become appalling.
When I first joined CafeMom, it was truly a place of support and friendship. Now, CM has become a place of backstabbing and childish name calling.
True, my leaving won't affect the site as a whole, being more and more "mothers" join everyday.
But, I hope that by seeing what a (soon-to-be) former member thinks about the website as it now is, that the staff and Powera That Be of CafeMom wake up and realize that their "place of support and friendship" is NOTHING like it once was.
And in the end, I hope that those that help "run" this place start trying to get it back in to the shape it was when I first joined your establishment almost three years ago.
Thanks for the "ride", although at most times, it was a bumpy one.
Melissa Cowart


singedwingangel said...

very well put and I agree whole heartedly I am outta there too gotta delete all my stuff though lol

Jimmy and Dez said...

Did they respond? Probably not. I'm still there for the signature and writing groups but nothing else and all my journals will be on my blog now. It's just ridiculous.

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Dez, nope! They never said a word as to why I left. I'm just a 000.0000001% blip on their member count. So, my leaving really doesn't matter. I bet if a slew of ladies left in a heaping bunch and gave the same reason why, then they would stand up and take notice.

Dez said...

Ah but then they'd be forced to do something about it and that ain't happening. I've heard their influencer program isn't going so well lately. They gave out a bunch of boxes of Hamburger Helper and most everyone that got it complained about how crappy it was. I know a lot of the Vegan moms raised a fuss when they were offered the yogurt influencer program too. The journals and many of the groups are completely out of hand. It's just a drama breeding ground.

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