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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear EBay

Dear EBay,

While you did rectify your poorly made decision, your company and it's "higher ups" still suck!

How can you sit there and pledge to WAIVE the fees to hold an auction to benefit a sick little boy and his family, which was amounting to around $450.00, only to get greedy and try to recend on YOUR promises?

EBay, you sicken me! Especially being that you TRIED to pull this little stunt right at Christmastime. That makes you the biggest SCROOGE of all to myself, many mommy-bloggers around the world, the family that the funds from the auction are helping, and many others from AROUND THE WORLD.

Are you people at the company happy with yourselves now? Or do you (and I hope you DO!) feel like a bunch of horse's asses? If the latter is true, then guess what? GOOD!!!! You don't deserve praise in my mind, even though you FINALLY did do the right thing.

But doing the right thing came a bit too late. It took multiple conversations with Supahmommy, many calls from angry mothers and fathers, and blog letters from us mothers who have been praying for and spreading awareness about Baby Jaden. Not to mention Tweets that went out WORLD WIDE, and Facebook users such as MYSELF who had spread the word about your selfishness and what crap you tried to pull to make a quick buck at the expence of a DYING BOY.

If you as a company that claims it cares and is a "community service" really in fact DID CARE, you wouldn't have gotten those dollar signs in your eyes and try to back out of a promise to waive those fees in the first place.

Instead, you had seen how successful the auction was and just HAD TO HAVE a cut of the profit that was meant to all be SOLELY FOR JADEN and his financially, emotionally, and physically hurting family.

I'm hoping that you the people of EBay have learned an extremely valuable and endearing lesson from all of this....

That is to KEEP YOUR WORD when you make A PROMISE to a DYING CHILD and their family!!!


Melissa C.

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