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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's time for....Wacky Wednesday!!

Why oh why! Why must Wednesday always end up feeling more like a Monday?

Are the planets that out of alignment, that the gods play tricks on us by switching Monday to Wednesday? Makes you wonder. Okay... It makes ME wonder.

Today is already starting out to be wacky. And it is yet to be even nine o'clock. 

Sure it started out good. All three kids got up and dressed for school in a timely fashion (down fall number one really). All three ate their breakfast with no hesitation or argument (downfall number two). And Skyler ran behind when it came to getting on her shoes, jacket, and backpack (downfall number three that did the rest of the day in).

Now, I don't get to go in to the school to volunteer today. There are a couple of things that are wacked out of alignment to do so.

One, it's raining cats, dogs and gerbils outside. This Mama don't play in the rain anymore. When she does, she gets S-I-C-K! Even with the umbrella. Yes...My karma/luck sucks that bad!

Two, I get to have a 'lovely' conversation later this morning via phone with Social Security for our 'every-six-month-tell-you-the-same-as-six-months-before' Financial Review. Hey, at least it's over the phone, right?!

Although, there is that pesky problem of jipping my kid out of over two hundred dollars because some lame brain that has no clue how to do math (at least estimates) went and said my husband POSSIBLY made waaaaay over a certain amount in several different months. Even when I know for a fact that no overtime was earned.

So, with that said, me and Math Magician Mike are going to have a nice talk about his lack of math skills. You have to love the Government when it comes from stealing from your kid's SSI and waiting to tell you at the last minute of their dastardly plan, after waiting for OVER A YEAR to come to the conclusion that they have been so-called over paying my son, based on his father's pay (which is NO WHERE near their 'estimates').

Well, that is all about what is going on with my Wacky Wednesday. How about yours?

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