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Monday, December 14, 2009

Paying forward to those in need....

This year has been a wild ride, to say the least. There have been more ups of course. But some of the downs sure did turn our lives upside down.

All was pretty good up until about mid-October. Then, it seems like everything pretty much fell apart around my husband, myself, and our family.

My eye infection came back, then it (and my stupidity) perforated my Cornea to where I required a Cornea Transplant. Of course, soon after those bills, along with the regular monthly bills started to add up quickly.

Suddenly, we were in a very hard, but not uncommon predicament....Christmas was coming and we didn't have the money to buy our children gifts. At least not many.

So, we took a chance and applied for a Holiday loan. Sadly, we didn't qualify. But, as fate and luck would have it, we did qualify for a Personal loan that was just a bit more in interest.

Now, we had gotten each of the three kids some stuff. Not a whole lot. But enough to let them feel that they have a decent amount each under the tree.

Plus, we were able to let each of the kids shop for us. They wanted too. So, they were able to spend thirty dollars a piece on dear old Mom and Dad. Two presents from each of the kids.

Next, Scotty and I plan on buying for one another. No more than fifty dollars or so a piece. But, as we shop for one another, I plan on shopping for three more kids.

No, not my nieces or nephews, or cousins. They are all already taken care of. But for children that may not have a Christmas at all, without a little help.

This year, I plan on buying one girl's toy, one boy's toy, and one infant's toy and dropping them off to Toys For Tots.

Toys For Tots has been a great help to my family in the past. The service/charity is ran by the Marine Corps.

It's easy. Just buy new, packed, unwrapped toys and give them to the Marine Soldiers that are at your local stores, with TFT bins. Or drop them off at your local Marine Corp base. You should be able to find them in the Government section of your phone book.

Remember the old saying, "it is better to give than to receive". And yes, that saying really is true. It fills my heart with joy, love, and accomplishment to give to others when they may feel that there is nothing. There is something...

Love of your fellow man.

Pay it forward. Give to those that need the help, the love, and the gift of your willingness to serve.


singedwingangel said...

You go girl. Around here it is the Angel tree program, same basis only You wrap the presents and whatever adn drop them off with an attached antgel number...

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That is wonderful to do!! Good for you and what a great lesson for everyone on Christmas!

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