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Friday, December 18, 2009

Uh yeah. I'm so excited...It's that time of year again. *sigh*

It's time for mistletoe and kisses, wreaths hung on the door, trees with needles that fall everywhere, and wrapping presents for hours on end.

It's also time to drive me freaking I-N-S-A-N-E for the next two weeks, two days, and twenty three hours. Yes, the kids are now on Winter Break...Oh I mean Christmas Break. Damnit!! No, I mean....

Oh bloody hell! It's just pure Make Mama Want To Go Running With Scissors In To A Funny Farm Break.

So far, all of the presents are wrapped. The stockings are hung with care. The tree is decked out. And my Christmas breakables are in plain view as I bite my nails daily as to how many I will be lessened down to before this holiday season is over with.

Did I mention, that today is also my birthday? Yes sir. Or ma'am... I am now thirty three years young. And I was able to celebrate with a school full of children.

There was the school assembly for a Christmas Sing Along. Plus, my running the Class Party in Bryce's class. And helping out to get things in the office distributed, and the kids in line...Literally.

Oh and there were the three boys that in three separate occasions, I had to break up in three separate lines. They had seen the "Mean Mama" side of me. And I think it honestly scared them, being that their mouths were basically dragging on the ground.

Now sadly, the evening of my birthday had been ruined. Not by the kids or the husband. But by Mother Nature herself. No not THAT Mother Nature, silly! S-N-O-W. And lots of it.

Plus, Hayley is with her father for the weekend. So, I'm sort of glad it worked this way. We can go later in the week to celebrate.

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That's about it for now. Until next time, have a great day/evening!

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