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Friday, December 11, 2009

Science Project....At the mall?! PI Mom is on the case!

Hmmm....I love how in motherhood, you have all these different rolls. Especially if you happen to be one that stays in the home to raise the family and be a Homemaker. Such as I am.

Who knew that one day, you would have to add another 'hat' to your already long list of "jobs that go with the territory of being a parent"?

As of today, I have put on a new hat. One I was hoping wouldn't be placed upon my head for at least oh... another maybe couple of years. Instead, it got slammed on my noggin this morning.

Now, we all know that girls love to go to the Mall. Even if they can't purchase a thing. Just being there is like a fly being mesmerised and drawn to that bug lamp light. It's inevitable. They will go to it, no matter the cost.

Well, I get this sudden "notice by word of mouth" that Hayley has to go to the mall TONIGHT to meet up with her little friends and do a Science Project.

***SCREEEEEECH!!*** Hit the brakes there!....

A SCIENCE project meeting....At the mall......With no PRIOR notice of said project or meeting via the teacher, or calls from the parent(s) who set it all up?

Hmmm.... Suddenly, I donned my 'Investigation Private Eye Mom' hat on top of my skull.

Then I drill her for information. Like where are they meeting within the mall, who is SUPPOSED to be there (as in her friends), what the Science Project is revolving. All the fun questions.

As I need and want answers to all of my "what the hell are you talking about?" questions, Hayley stammers, looks away in to thin air I'm thinking in the hopes that the answer will just appear before her eyes, and then stammers even more with each word she explains with.

All in all, I said I wanted names, parent's names, phone numbers and an explanation about this so-called Science Project that I didn't even know existed until now.

Begrudgingly, Hayley answered me and said she will be getting the phone numbers today. Personally, I think my daughter just wants to go to the mall. Not for a meeting about a Science Project either. She is only ten, people! I didn't see this coming for at least another couple of years.

Figures, her brain is catching up to the rest of her!! She is already big for her age, advanced in many school subjects, and mentally mature by about three years of her peers. Now, she is trying to outsmart me like a teenager!!


singedwingangel said...

so did she really have to go to the mall for the science project??

pr0udmom0f3 said...

I tried calling one of the BOYS that is the 'captain' of their project team. No word yet from the parents.

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