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Monday, February 8, 2010

Make assumptions again and see where it gets you. (Defense of a friend)

With the way that I am feeling right now, I will try my best to stay calm and (for the most part) respectful. Then again, after seeing my friend, Angel get ripped apart, although in a "Christ-like manner", I don't feel like being so polite.

Then again, someone has to take the 'high road' right? May as well be me I'm guessing.

I've NEVER claimed to be a 'perfect' Christian/soul. And I never plan to. It is true that I am for equality for the GLBT Community to get married. I am one that can vote Democratically or Conservatively. I don't read, let alone have I memorized the Bible texts as much as a Christian should (in many minds).

But I love God no less. And He loves me no less. And for someone to tramps all over a friend and her PERSONAL walk with the Lord to me is a sin in and of its self. *Some* Christian "fanatics" are so freaking uptight and in to everyone else's Christian walk, snubbing them for every little "fleshly fault", that they refuse to remove the plank from their eye before removing the speck from another's.

This is why I can't stand those that are called "Holy Roller", "Bible-Thumping", "Dogmatic" Christians.

Believe me when I say I KNOW first-hand what I speak of. Especially the hypocrisy. I've lived through it, via my Dad's mother when I was little. She would force me in to attending church, scare me in to submission, and nit-picked everything I said, did, felt or believed. Even when it came to religion and MY way of worshiping, believing and practicing my Christianity.

When people in general start making generalized assumptions about those they know NOTHING about, and especially those that they THINK that they know about, said person is treading in dangerous and deep waters. They are the ones showing that they know NOTHING about a problem or situation. Especially when you don't sit down and find out what is TRULY going on from the "horse's mouth".

And for someone to make a general assumption about me, my knowledge of something, or of my faith/walk is treading in shark-infested water with me. I don't make personal "attacks" or assumptions towards others. And for a "Christian" to do it unto me is well...un-Christian like. Too bad they are so blinded by their "religious ways" that they are not able to see that they are doing more harm than good.

My friend, Angel lead me to a certain chat room a few months back for a church that she attends. Both online and in person. I watched a sermon and was fitting right in with those in the chat. For the first time in a long while, I felt like I "belonged" and that I was truly cared for. Angel gave me hope in Christianity and my faith again.

Now, that room has been shut down. No longer can I go and see those I befriended and be a part of a wonderful ministry. At least for now.

But one of the nay-sayers of the room decided to claim I know "nothing" about what all went down and why. Too bad she decided to "call me out" on false pretense and assumptions. Because I know more...WAY MORE than she thinks I do.

And worse yet, she hurt a dear friend and sister-in-Christ. That for me is 1,000's times worse. And I refuse to stand here and let it happen.

BRING BACK THE CHAT ROOM!....And stop being a "always right" Christian who talks the talk, but can't seem to walk the walk.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Good for you for standing up for Angel!

Timberwolf123 said...

Hugs, sorry you & Angel have had to deal with this. Remember the old adage when you assume you make an "Ass" out of "U" & "Me". Understanding & listening are a much better way but many use religion to hide behind because of their own fears.

Hope you have a great day!


singedwingangel said...

Ty missy, yesterday was absolutely rough to say the least.But today is a new day and I have realized that the person who said and did it is talking from her stance as a minister's wife and is not about to admit she was too rough and mean.. I love her I just don't agree with what she said or the way in which she said it..

Dorothy Manning said...

In 12 years, I have had the misfortune of seeing quite a few people hurt our sweet Angel. There were times that I could do not but be a shoulder for her to cry on and then there were those other times (before God came into my heart), That Angel had to stop me yelling,"Dorothy Have you had your medications ?" I've had a few of those carnal moments with this Alice women But I don't know where she lives (thank God)

Dez said...

Why does it always seem to be the minister's wife who thinks she is holier than Thou? At least that's been my experience. Jimmy has an aunt who is a preacher's wife and she is one of the most judgmental people I've ever met in my life. She is the first one to point out your mistakes (in her eyes anyway) and the last one to do anything to help out. I went to Angel's church online a few times and felt such a spirit of friendship and love there. I'm sorry that person made a snap judgment here but I do think that type of outreach has a place in every ministry. I wish more churches felt that way.

Bethel Live - said...

Dear Bethel Live Family,

In response to recent communication being published on Facebook and certain blogs, we felt it necessary to clear up any misunderstandings and release our official statement regarding our decision to disable the online chat utility on Bethel Live. We also want to take an opportunity to share with you our future plans for our online services and our desire to offer an atmosphere where people can belong and receive life-giving ministry.

Originally, we launched Bethel Live with live chat functionality. It was a great means to offer live, and on-the-spot ministry to our online community. However, it was consistently brought to our attention by members of our online community that there was frequent, and distracting chat taking place. We monitored the chat and found that there was certainly valuable ministry taking place, but there was also a considerable amount of chatter during the service that was off topic, distracting and confusing to online viewers and visitors. We also monitored the communication of information that was not sanctioned by or approved by Bethel Harvest Church. As a result, when we re-launched Bethel Live along with the newly redesigned at the beginning of 2010 we decided to not have live chat functionality throughout the service.

In moving forward with our desire to provide and build community online, we are being very intentional about meeting this need through other avenues. We have enlisted the aide of an online ministry team. This team has been trained and can offer secure, online prayer and counsel. If you have a prayer request or a question simply click the live prayer button and instantly you’ll be able chat with our live online ministry team.

We are also making an attempt to address the need for online fellowship, to offer a place where our online subscribers can encourage one another and build relationships with other members of the online community. We will be creating a chat room where online members can chat pre and post service. This is an idea that is in a sort of “beta” testing, and we will be monitoring its success.

We are thrilled about the future of online ministry, and believe that Bethel Live will be an extension of the life-giving ministry offered at Bethel Harvest while upholding the same degree of excellence. We look forward to the fruit to come, and watch in amazement as “from this spot we reach the world.” For those who call Bethel Live “home,” we hope this clears up any misunderstandings and we invite any additional feedback to the dialogue by emailing us at

Building God’s Kingdom!

Bethel Harvest Church

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