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Friday, February 5, 2010

Mama Bear's claws are sharpened & drawn....My letter to State Officials in Virginia

Feb. 5, 2010

Dear Gov. McDonnel, Del. Garret, Rep. Goodlatte, Sen. Webb, Sen. Warner,

I am writing to you as to bring forth to your attention a great error in judgment, let alone compassion for the Common Wealth of Virginia's people.

My name is Melissa Cowart and I am a married, thirty-three year old mother who lives in Lynchburg, Virginia. Lynchburg happens to have the "subtitle" of being the "Heart of Virginia".

My top priority is being a mother, who happens to stay at home, to my three wonderful children. Their ages are ten, eight, and five years old. I have two girls, and a boy who is in the middle.

I'm sure that most, if not all of the gentlemen in this letter that I am addressing are fathers, if not even grandfathers to small children. Or you were at least at some point in your lives. So, you know through experience of the hardships that raising children can parenting 9or grand-parenting) can bring.

But do any one of you TRULY know the hardships of raising a child with "Silent Disabilities". Disabilities that require not only mental or behavioral therapies, but drug therapies as well? I do.

My son, the eight year old has is "Silently Disabled". You cannot tell just by looking or glancing at him that he is legally disabled. That is until he is a Manic fit, his attention wanes to nearly nothing, his focusing and social skills are being impacted, or he has such a violent rage (both emotionally, as well as physically) that you end up on the floor yourself crying along with him.

Because of these problems, not only does my son require behavior and psychological therapy. He also requires medication therapy. Currently, he is on two forms of medication treatment.

One being Seroquel. It is for his Manic Depression, Mood Disorder management, and to help him sleep at night. Or else, he is up ALL night long.

The other is Vyvanse. It is to help him with his ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). And this is the drug he needs to help him focus, pay attention, be able to sit still and quietly (as possible). And it helps his hyperactivity lessen as to carry on more normal and healthy social relationships with his peers.

Sadly, as I sat in my son's Psychiatric appointment on 2/4/2010, I was informed that the branch of Medicaid my son receives, CareNet is unwilling to provide coverage to fill prescriptions for the drug, Vyvanse.

So, when it comes time to fill his prescription for this particular medication (which is nearing very soon), his claim for filing with CareNet will be denied. In turn, I will not be able to get my son's Vyvanse. I CANNOT afford to pay out-of-pocket, (approximately) $250-300.00 for a 30-day supply.

Then, I will have to ask the pharmacy to send in a request for Pre-Authorization to my son's prescribing doctor to "beg" CareNet to let my child have his medication. If that course of action fails, then the doctor will have to call the insurance carrier and do a "round-about" in the hopes of letting my son get his medicine in that fashion.

Do any of you gentlemen have children that are in need of daily medication? Do any of you have (or had at one time) a child like my son? Do you know what it's like to care for a child such as my son?

If you did, then I am very sure that you would never let drug companies and insurance companies (State or Private) bounce "kick-backs" off of one another. Nor would you let the Insurance Company deny YOUR child the medication and/or care that they require to function in a more "normal capacity" that fits within the guidelines of how society as a whole views one another.

I'm not a College-educated individual. I did not graduate High School in the "old fashioned way". I received a GED in my early 20's. But by golly, I am smart enough to know when the government is trying to pocket money, give less to take more and in the end hurt those that they serve.

My son, and countless other children, as well as us parents deserve BETTER treatment. By the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and most of all, by our Government. Our children deserve better.

Our children deserve to have ALL of their needs met. Medical and otherwise. Including their drug therapy.

Make CareNet place Vyvanse back on their coverage so that children such as my son can get the best out of his education, his social skills and his overall general life.

No child deserves to be "left behind".

Melissa A. Cowart  (Lynchburg, Virginia)


Unknown said...

Woohooyou tell them mamaaa

Missy said...

Angel (and anyone else that wishes to) please feel free to pass the link to this post along. The more that know of what is happening, the better.

And the more likely that my son and countless other kids will get their medicines without suffering at the hands of the Pharma. Co.'s and Insurance "negotiators".

Timberwolf123 said...

I wish you well this this struggle. I know of others that have had similar experiences & it's sad in this great country of ours that health care is still such a mess. You may want to find out who the manufacturer is, there are programs with many manufacturers now days that they will provide the medicine to you for low cost if you qualify.

Hugs & Good Luck,


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