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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Transplant Experience Community (TEC) group on Facebook...

It's a safe haven. It is a place of support and understanding.

Thanks to Rex and Linda Maus, those of us that are facing a transplant, have had a transplant, were a Living Donor, or we are a family member of a Donor, have a place to run to. To call home.

That place is The Transplant Experience Community (TEC) group over on Facebook.

We have all various types of groups of transplant members there. Liver. Kidney. Bone. Heart. Lung. And even Cornea.

There are forum threads in the discussions area for each transplant group. There is a "Prayer Corner". We also provide a place to vent about the after affects of the surgeries.

As not only a member of this wonderful, FAMILY, but as an Administrator in the group as well, I can personally say that I have never felt so close to "strangers" over a computer as I do with my fellow members in TEC.

We laugh together. We cry together. We share our hopes, our dreams, and our fears with one another. There is real love in the group. It illuminates all around within the group's walls.

If you or a loved one, be it a sister, brother, mother or father, a friend or co-worker is in need of a transplant, has had a transplant, or you wish to know more about Organ/Tissue Donation, please feel free to join us at The Transplant Experience Community. We are waiting for you with open and accepting arms.

The Transplant Experience TEC

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