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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Pondering Moment on this Sunday morning...

Why the following popped in to my head, I do not know. And the logic just seemed to hit me like a bolt of lightening. Especially when the thought hits at not quite six o'clock in the morning.

What came to mind was clearly a shocking "revelation" for me. Being that this "bam, wow!" moment was stemming from something in the Bible. Specifically in the Book of Revelations.

Now I am not sure exactly what verse(s) or chapter it is within, but the Bible states that once all is calm after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the war between Good and Evil has come to pass, that God will "raise the dead". Of course the dead is the army of souls that are of His Kingdom and will help with the battle to win over the world and trump Satan.

Suddenly, out of the blue, my logic brain jumped in with the following thought...

How can God raise the dead if the dead has been cremated?

Revelations speaks to us in regards to the Lord raising the dead from the depths of the grave in which they lay, only to have new life breathed in to them.

What about those that were cremated and placed in to urns? How is He to "raise" them? Give them new flesh to hold their ashes? Remember, he supposedly created Adam from the dirt of the ground.

At funerals, we hear the passage, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust".

Can anyone give me a clear, level-headed, honest explanation of how He shall prepare the "Ultimate War Between Good and Evil" if not all of His "chosen ones" are able to be "present", being that they were incinerated after their death?

To me personally, it seems a bit too far fetched. And really, if God and Satan were going to battle it out, God would not have let Cremation be invented. Because now, how will His army flourish and "be whole" if the entire gang can't be "arisen from their slumber"?

This is why I honestly have a real problem with the Bible. Too many holes, twists, two-faced stories and too many hands in the pot (Book Author wise) that have contradicting/conflicting stories.


Buck said...

Because it is utter nonsense. It is the only logical and level headed explanation available.

Buck said...

Oh, and the other logical fallacy in that idea is that God and Satan must have a battle. Because according to believers God created everything and is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Therefore, God created Satan which inherently makes Satan inferior. If "God" is omnipotent and created Satan then he could simply uncreate Satan as well. There is no logical need for the "battle" - unless - God is not omnipotent and God did not create Satan and somehow Satan is actually more powerful than God. In which case, God by definition would not be God anymore anyway.

beth chapman said...

Melissa, so easy to leave comments to writing that speaks to the heart. More often than not, a bit harder to comment when the challenge steps outside the heart. No answer to your specific question, I'm not that wise. But when I am struck with the 'wham pow' of the Bible I ponder, as you, the answer to the question. If no answer comes then I ask what in my life or current experience would cause such a question to surface. If still at a deadend I consider it a tilling of the soil and let the seed lie til it's ready to break the soil. Maybe we could rephrase the question, if I allow my core to be damaged or incenerated by life's fires, how can I participate in the battle against injustice, poverty, war and the millions of voiceless people. Thanks for the seeds, I'll be interested in the blossom.

FCEtier said...

I believe that Revelations is largely symbolic; metaphors and similes.
My belief system has evolved to my present thinking that the events explained in Revelations happen to each of us individually.
We each have our own apocalypse and "end of times".
Of course, I could be wrong. We'll never know until that time comes.
The cremation thing is moot. Bodies in crypts are cremated naturally (ex. New Orleans). The bodies in caskets turn to dust again, too. I think I'd rather have my ashes in an urn or scattered about the earth rather than buried six feet under.

Daniel said...

Mellisa, that battle would happen in heaven.And everyone knows that to to heaven only goes your soul, and not your body.You don't need your body after death anymore.God only wants your soul to be with him.Yes,it still remains the same body as you had, but that's just a illusion that God have make.God doesn't have body also.When he talk to Moses, he was a burning bush.

Timberwolf123 said...

I agree with Chip the Bible uses many metaphors and similes to bring its message to the people & different religions have different interpretations of the ending of everything. We are all energy & this energy goes on regardless of the manor of death (remember in ancient times it was very normal to have a funeral pyre). Trust in the fact that you are a beautiful expression of a divine being & as such you will be taken care of.



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