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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Them's the breaks, kid!!

With three kids, I knew it was bound to happen eventually. As in, their teens as they tried some stupid stunt with a skateboard or in-line skates. Or from playing sports and landing the wrong way on the field (or someone landing on them).

Nope, it didn't happen that way. Oh believe me, it was still a stupid stunt. But not from doing something "cool" like skating or playing sports.

Bryce (the eight-year-old) decided to try and ride Skyler's (the five-year-old) mini tractor trike. By putting one leg on it and using the other to push it like a scooter.

Needless to say, the trike went out from under him and tipped. Bryce went the other way face first. He caught himself on his RIGHT hand (mainly). The force of landing on that one arm broke both his Ulna and his Radius bones in his fore-arm.

It was so bad, it bowed the top of his arm in (in a down position, like a smile). The doctor had to reset BOTH bones. And Bryce took it like a brave trooper. No pain meds, no numbing medicine...and no "knock out juice". After setting the first bone and hearing it "POP!", I had to turn my head as they got ready to set the other bone.

Today he is home from school, due to the pain getting to him this morning. And Hayley (the ten-year-old) will bring home his homework for him. But, he broke his writing hand...the RIGHT arm. So he will be learning how to be a "lefty" for a while.

Bryce is learning a six-week lesson. To not stand on riding toy and use it as a scooter or skateboard. Because you might end up in a full-arm cast and be VERY close to requiring surgery.


Carole said...

I am a mother with 3 children and they pulled the same stunt - only ended up with a concussion and a night in the hospital.
I also had one who jumped up and down on a board with a nail sticking up - "to test how strong her new sneaker soles were" - that was a trip to the emergency room with the board attached to her foot via the nail.
My third topped them all- She fell off the dock and tried to climb up the mollusk encrusted sea wall because she was afraid that the fiddle crabs would bite off her toes. She required several trips to the doctor's office for stitches and irrigation for infection since it was a ragged dirty wound in the bottom of her foot.
Oh, did I mention that it happened at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon in a brand new house, in a brand new town, where we had lived for 24 hours.
How did I find a doctor - in the yellow pages!! He had a big ad and was open at that hour.
Plus, she had been on the swim team and could have easily swam to the ladder - 5 feet away.
So while your broken arm is serious it is probably only the beginning!!
They do things that you never warn against because you never in your wildest imagination would expect them to try such a stunt or as my husband says " a bone headed idea". Good Luck!! Stay calm.

Timberwolf123 said...

Sorry to hear about Bryce, I hope he recovers fine over the next 6 weeks. sending him happy, healing thoughts.

It is part of having kids though, my youngest broke her arm a couple of times. We got through it ok & she did learn from the experiences.



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