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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The House of Pain

Yep, I'm indeed believing that I made it in to hell. And it's painful.

No! Not the fire and brimstone kind. The "OUCH!! Man this hurts like hell!" kind. Stupid TMJ jaw problem. It locked and popped yesterday evening as my family and I were eating dinner. My husband thought that it was my SHOULDER that popped. When I told him that my jaw was the culprit, I thought he was going to need the Heimlich Maneuver performed.

Even the kids had their jaws drop. Luckily no food or drink was in them. Yes, it was seafood night at Golden Corral. But I don't like SEE-food.

Not long after that, my bad molar tooth started to act up. Needless to say, my jaw and my tooth have decided to tag-team and make my life miserable.

Now, I have been forced to down Advil, topped off with Percocet every six hours. Being that Scott is working and I'm with the kids on my own, I'm only taking half a Percocet, along with two Advil pills. For the most part, I get a bit tipsy, as if I had one too many beers. I might slur my words a little and feel sluggish and giggly. But I don't pass out and am still alert enough to keep an eye on the kids. And at times, depending on how in-to my system the drug is in my body, I tend to misspell as I type...A LOT!

So, they (only two of them are home, oldest is with her father for the weekend) have been (for the most part) quietly watching TV and just chilling out for the day. Later, when it is once again time (six hours from now), and being my husband, Scott will be home, I can FINALLY take a whole Percocet. Then, I will be the fool.

After taking a whole Percocet pill, I end up stupid (as in plastered-like drunk), can't talk, wobbly to the point of almost falling down, burst out laughing at EVERYTHING and then I pass out cold for several hours in a painless (YAY!!) haze.

Well, I better stop typing at this point. I only have about another twenty minutes before this current dose kicks in to high gear. Talk to you all later. I hope I am not needing a dentist to pull my stupid tooth. I really can't afford it at this time. So it had just better be my TMJ giving my tooth (and my sanity) a bunch of grief.

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