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Monday, March 29, 2010

Friendship 101.... The right way and the wrong way to DROP a friend.

Friendships. I take them seriously. Never with a "grain of salt". I've personally been known to cry with someone. I'll laugh with them. I will rejoice with them. I will be an ear for them, as well as a shoulder to cry on.

For friends that are here in my life for real, as well as for my "internet family" of friends. There are REAL people on the other side of this computer screen.

People with REAL feelings. Real emotions. Real hearts. And all of those can be easily shattered when you are not thinking of the REAL person on the other side.

I've had it happen to me all too many times. People saying hateful things, either to me or to friends/family. Judging my character, my choices, my parenting styles.

They might just be words to those that spew them. Or actions (even REACTIONS). But to the one that they are being aimed at, it can wound them. Deeply. On many levels.

Case in point...

There is a person I have "known" via the internet for a few years now. We hit it off pretty instantaneously. I've never judged the person for how they live their life and "run" the family. And this person afforded me the same courtesy. All was good. At least I thought it was.

Now, I guess that the "magic" in the friendship is gone. And it's apparently gone with a number of us. Because just like that, this person that I have been friends with, "dumped" me, along with some of my other wonderful friends that we (at one time) shared.

No explanation. No warning. No rhyme or reason. The person started deleting and BLOCKING people. None of us can figure out why. We don't know, nor can we think of ANYTHING that we did to offend or hurt this person (supposedly).

Must be nice to be able to just throw years of friendship and love away as if it NEVER meant a thing...Especially since it was "only" an 'internet friend'. Would this person have done this to us if it was on a more personal, face-to-face level? Maybe. Maybe not. At least face-to-face, we have a better chance of knowing what we "did wrong".

Friends come and go out of our lives. It's just a fact of life. And that's okay with me. But there is a 'right' way, as well as a 'wrong' way to do so. Especially if this 'friendship' has spanned OVER  a year's time.

Several of us are hurt and bewildered. We wish to know WHAT WE DID/SAID and try to rectify the situation. If the person wishes to no longer have friendship with us, we are okay. But we as a group that have been tossed to the wayside (at least that's how we feel) and feel that we are at the very least owed an explanation for the sudden change of heart.

But hey, you can lead a horse to water. But you certainly can't force it to drink. Am I not right? If they feel that jilted by us, even though we have never shown anything but love, acceptance and respect for them, then that's on them. I don't have to live with the guilt of how I treated three people that were nothing but kind and loving. At least I would have GIVEN AN EXPLANATION as to why I am "giving them the boot".

Like they say, what goes around that you send out, will come back and bite you ten times harder.
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