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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair, sleeping, and timing. It's all relevant.

How many times have you said to yourself that you are mad at YOU, because you had that rare chance to sleep in? Try having that conversation with yourself every stinking weekend!

Yep. Try as I may, I can never really (for the most part) sleep past 6:30 in the morning. Why?

Because (now) three out of seven days a week (used to be five out of seven), I was used to having my husband get up at 5:30 every work day to be on the clock at six. Hence, I would go back off to Dreamland, only to wake an hour later (okay, forty-five minutes...geez!).

Now his hours have changed and I'm scared to think that between his new, wacky schedule, and the kids that THINK that they run the roost, that I may end up pulling my (now even more gray) hair out. Now it's three days a week, be there at six. One day a week, at FOUR IN THE MORNING! And one day a week, it's the 1:30 to ten at night shift.

Speaking of grays. I have harbored new ill-willed feelings towards my hair. Folks, I am only thirty-three Yes! Thirty-three. And already, I have the hair color of a fifty-something. And these stupid, gray strands have finally brought upon me, the death match battle where my coloring it is concerned.

Now even the promise of 100% resistant gray coverage via my bottle of Nice N' Easy (**No commercializing, profiting, advertising is intended**) in  one of their Red shades is doing the trick, anymore.

Sadly, my once gray-free hair (before a second marriage and three kids) is being savagely over-ran with those gray "old-people-maker" warriors. And they are, I'm sorry to announce, winning the fight.

But!!!...Yes, there is a 'but' in this whole mess (besides my own butt)...I will not give up the fight for luxurious, gray-free, red (of some shade or another), multi-highlighted (three shade highlight formula coloring) hair. I will (one day) prevail and take a part of my youth back.

Other that all of that, it's been a pretty good week. And I hope that I have given you a few good chuckles to end out your week. Especially if this one has not been the kindest to you.

Until next time... Oh and if you are in to the Paranormal, ghosts, and hauntings, please feel free to also visit me at my NEW blog page, So far, there is only one entry. But, soon  to be two, being that after this post is entered, I shall be writing in ParanorMel.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Unknown said...

lmbo I have been having a battle with grays for YEARS and they usually win. It wouldn't be so bad if I got the occassional single gray hair here and there OH no I get huge PATCHES that look as if someone has hit me in the head with paint.. oh yeah that is sooo pretty lol.

Unknown said...

I have been battling the gray army for years and it seems as though there are more of them every time I color!! As soon as the *ahem* roots show, it appears more gray than before. What's up with that??!!

I so feel your pain about sleeping in, or not. I am up at 5 for school 4 days a week so sleeping til 6 or 7 is bliss. I miss those years of sleeping til noon. *sigh*

Dee said...

Hey, I think I know you from somewhere.....MEL!!! :D

Julie said...

Wow, I thought I was the only one other then my mama that was gray by 35. I'm not 48 and have used that darn box-o-hair color forever.
Also the getting the hubby up and now son to be to work has got me awake and going just about every day of the week and the days I could sleep in, nope it doesn't happen.
Found you from Say Anything. Take care and God Bless!!!

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