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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She truly is an ANGEL!...And I *highly* recommend you read her!

WOW! Two posts in ONE day from me?! That is just insane, huh? Who knew I was such a wild child. Well, okay, I'm a closet wild child.

The main reason for my writing yet another post this morning is becauuuuusssse....

I'm looking to start doing GUEST SPOTS with various Blogging Buddies. And to start out with, I'm promoting and crossing with one of my closest BFF's (on here and in REAL life).

Her name is Angel. And her mama could not have truly given her a better name. Because peeps, this woman lives up to the name (most of the time, that is). She has three kids. All boys! I think I would already be in my grave with all three of my kids being of the male species. One of them is a Special Needs person with many of the same disorders that *my* son suffers from.

She is also a very devout Christian. But not a Bible-wielding, flame-throwing kind that you may think she would be. But she can quote Scripture like you wouldn't believe!

When you get down to it, Angel is more of a lover than a fighter. But when she is angry, even the devil goes and hides. She is funny, caring, loving, and takes REAL interest in you, your blog, and takes her friendships (on and off the net) SERIOUSLY.

Sound like your kind of gal to hang with and read about? Then go on over and give her a howdy!

1 comment:

singedwingangel said...

Aww ty so much for not telling them I have had flames coming ut of my head lol.. tht might skeer them away lol..

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