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Monday, July 19, 2010

It's (almost) that time again!!

I can see it in my head.

They get dressed in their khaki pants, polo shirts and their new school shoes. Bags are all packed and ready to go. A filling breakfast to boot (before dressing, of course).

But, alas, I have a month to go. That's okay. I can somehow wait. I've gone this long. But it will be SO nice sending them off to school once more.

The only part I don't like is that there is the fact of knowing that this is Hayley's last year in Elementary School. Here in Virginia, you go in to Middle (Jr. High) School at the Sixth Grade mark. And for me, that's a HARD pill, to swallow. Knowing that at this time next year, my "baby" will be in with the "big kid" crowd.

In the coming weeks, I will start shopping for them. Hitting the sales. Like the 24-count Crayola Crayons for twenty-five cents a box! And all three kids need them.

And for being in the Fifth Grade this year, Hayley is the CHEAPEST (between the older two, who are one grade apart) to buy for, surprisingly. Bryce (knowing from last year) will be the most expensive. And with Skyler, I might get away with being the cheapest of all three.

Please, don't get me wrong. I love my kids. I love being with them. And I certainly love doing things with them. But my patience and my sanity are waring thin. As is theirs with one another and with me. I've done what I can to keep them active and have fun. I plan on us all going next month, before school starts, up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and take a day for hiking and a picnic.

And of course, once everyone is settled in to school, then I will be filling out (once again) the paperwork to volunteer at school between one and three days per week. It gets me out of the house, involved with the school, lets me stay on top of school-related topics/problems and lets me enrich children's lives.

Though, I try hard to not 'work' in any of my kids' classes, if optional. With exception to some light filing and being a Room Parent (if needed).

So, on August 17th, I shall be marching down to the school (that is a five minute walk from my house) and register the kids. Although I had already PRE-REGISTERED Skyler before the 2009-2010 school year let out.

Then, on August 23rd, starts a brand new school year. And as much as I want them to get on that bus, I can guarantee that it may be a bit hard to see them go off once more to learn and grow. For that will be the end of another fun-filled Summer and another year of their childhood gone forever.


singedwingangel said...

Mine start back August 11. Jesse begins HIGH SCHOOL I know I am OLD.

Shell said...

I think I'll be excited, but watch me ball like a baby. This is the first year that one of my kids will be in full-day school. And my middle son will be in school 5 days for the first time(though half-day).

Just Jen said...

My oldest goes into 5th grade this year, too. =~[

My baby goes into 3rd grade... Oh wow.... that's the first time I have actually thought about that.

I'm getting old. I wanna go back in time!!!

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