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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ParanorMel...Can you DIG it?

What in the world does a girl have to do to get her blog noticed these days? Sheesh!

I've got a secondary blog around here that talks of shadows, voices, mists, things seen from the corner of your eye, and MUCH more.

If you KNOW me, you will know that I am in to the Paranormal. Primarily hauntings and ghosts/spirits/apparitions.

Over at ParanorMel, I talk (from time to time) of my own PERSONAL experiences with the Supernatural and the Unexplained. Plus, I find cool videos, post about different definitions in regards to hauntings, spirits, and the like.

If you are in to that sort of subject, or you have had your own experiences, feel free to hop on over and follow me. You can...

Ask questions.

Tell YOUR story.

Request subjects to be covered/featured.

Know that you are NOT alone.

Sounds good enough to try, you said? Then click on over to ParanorMel and jump right on in to the thick of things.

As an added bonus, ParanorMel also has a FACEBOOK Fan/Like Page of the same name. Feel free to join us there, too.

It's interactive and I LOVE hearing from you, my readers, and those that are interested in hauntings and ghosts. On BOTH pages.


Anonymous said...

This topic interests me and always has. others I know that have lived in this house (the adult kids)have experenced stuff, I never have heard a peep or felt a cool breeze blow over me or seen anything out of the corner of my eye.....but I know what that feels like, cuz sometimes you think you see something out of the corner, and it turns out to be a car shadow on the wall....Id love to read more on this with you...

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Please feel free to follow both the blog and the FaceBook page for ParanorMel, Kathy.

I'm not embarrassed, nor am I ashamed. I believe, due to the fact that I have been through experiencing things which cannot be explained. And I still have things happen.

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