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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Messages. The CORRECT way to pass them along. Teacher Edition.

So far, Bryce is having a rough start in school. At least where homework is concerned. And I told him, as well as myself, I refused to go through this again.

Last year, it was Hayley, and then it spilled over in to Bryce as well. They would do their work, but not turn it in. Or they "forgot" to do certain assignments, and not turn them in.

Almost daily, from around the middle of last school year, until almost the very end, I was getting notes home in Hayley's agenda saying she didn't turn this or that in.

Now, I am already battling this problem, the second week of school. And I said that I will not tolerate this, nor do I wish to do this again.

This past week, Hayley has come home, only to tell me that Mrs. So-and-So said for HER to tell me that Bryce did not have this for class, or didn't turn this in for class.

See something wrong with this picture? I certainly do!

What business do these teachers have of telling Bryce's older sister (who is one grade higher, and has been through these teachers last year) to relay messages to me? She is NOT their student any longer. They are no longer HER teachers. And she is NOT his mother. I AM!!

So, this morning, they ALL will see the note that I addressed to all of the Fourth Grade ladies, requesting (in no uncertain terms) that they no longer give his older sister messages that are meant for me concerning her little brother...Seeing as these things do not concern her. And for them to WRITE A NOTE to send home with her OR with Bryce that is concerning him.

Why..? Why put a ten-year-old child in the middle of a "grown-up" matter that does not even concern her? That's just ludicrous.

Let's hope my little note side rails any more message passing. And that his seeing it in his agenda will deter him from wanting to miss anymore assignments. Seeing as he is now four days without computer time and TV time as punishment.

1 comment:

singedwingangel said...

OMG as the baby of the family I hated that. That and being compared to my sister's.. Grrr I would think that as adults they would have the gumption to call you not tellher.. I can't blame ya that is a serious lack of responsiblity on the teacher's part

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