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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Death Penalty. YOUR thoughts.

We all have to die at some point. It is a given. Some will be old and have lived a good life. Some will fall gravely ill and pass young. Those of any age can be killed in a vehicle accident. And there are some that will be murdered. And some will be put to death as punishment for taking another human's life.

Today, we are going to talk about the latter. Executions and Death Row. Now, before you go off on a tangent and yell at me that God commands us to not kill and that executions are wrong and/or immoral, I urge you to READ THIS FIRST before commenting right off the bat.

Also, be sure to read PART 2 OF THIS WHOLE STORY.

This woman put a hit out for someone that she was supposed to have loved and his son, who of course thought she loved him like he was her own flesh and blood.

Instead, she loved the impending Life Insurance Policy payout more and had two men break in to their home and kill the son, first. Then, as her husband was BEGGING for mercy, they then shot him, too.

The reason that Teresa Lewis is sitting on Death Row, awaiting her fate, twenty days from now is because she put this whole ordeal in motion. She was as guilty as those that pulled the trigger.

True, those two men received life sentences. But her part was much more heinous. She PAID to have her husband and his boy killed. Not because she was in harm's way, was being abused or anything of the like. But for the money.

Now she is begging that her life be spared, as are her attorneys and anti-death penalty activists, and they all are asking the judge show this woman 'mercy'?? WHAT?!?!

Where was 'mercy' when her step-son and her husband pleaded and begged to not be hurt or killed, and said that the men could have ANYTHING they wanted? It wasn't there that day. Mercy for those two men were nowhere in sight.

She has had to have been segregated from the common prison population for seven YEARS. WHY? And with that said, how will she be of "help" to the other female inmates, as to use her faith to help others? You cannot do that when you are NOT AROUND other inmates!! Duh.

Yes, I do support the Death Penalty. Many who are there, deserve it. If it is indeed proven that they had the means, the motive and the forethought to take a fellow human's life, as to gain from it monetarily (or any other means of ganing something materialistic in nature), or even just to kill someone, then yes, serve them death. On a silver platter.

If it was purely for self-defense and/or to protect your children, then that is a different matter. At least you are not killing someone just for the sake of killing and getting a rush (or something materialistic).

And yes, this woman, Teresa Lewis, deserves the ultimate punishment. If she wasn't so callous, money-hungry and devious, then maybe, just MAYBE, Julian and CJ Lewis would still be alive and well today.

Those that know her closely have even stated that she is a con-artist and has even fooled a couple of pastors (in months/years before this tragedy) in to thinking that she was an upstanding citizen of the community, and a good Christian woman.

Come to realize later, many that knew her, feel that she had a hand in the car wreck that took her husband's other son, almost to the day of his death, a year before. That son had apparently had a good sized Life Insurance Policy as well.

Seven years is a long time. A long time of being away from the main prison populous, sitting in Segregation. And a long time of my husband's and my tax dollars going to that prison to house, feed and clothe a murderess, who is a classic example of a Black Widow wife.

Not all killings deserve the Death Penalty. But, ones like this do. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. She reaped what she sowed. And for her, it ended with a hefty price.

True, killing her will not bring back two men that were dearly loved by their daughter and sister. But it will bring justice to two men that still deserved better than to be wasted for money.


Unknown said...

Killing another human being as a form of punishment is a vile and barbaric act which cannot be justified no matter how strongly felt our emotions. It makes cold-blooded killers of all those in involved in such a killing. I do not write as somebody who has not felt deeply the repercussions of the sins of others. I have lived with such repercussions all my life and no matter how deep my pain has been and no matter how huge my rage has been it does not justify vengeance. Killing as punishment is vengeance not justice and it will never be justice no matter how we twist our thoughts. If we succumb to our emotions we are no better than the person we condemn because after all that is precisely what they did!

Healing Morning said...

This is always a touchy subject, but I support the Death Penalty. Yes, I am aware that there are miscarriages of justice regarding the Death Penalty. That being said, I am also looking at it from the perspective of having a family member who was murdered. The people who committed this act were given jail time, but with the possibility of parole, which I find sickening and an atrocious misuse of our judicial system. Mind you, there were eye witnesses to this murder and DNA evidence - no mistakes were made in charges filed.

No, my family member cannot be brought back if these people are put to death. I don't dispute that. However, I am personally horrified that they are now being housed, fed and clothed by taxpayers dollars, with many more amenities than many law abiding citizens are afforded. I am equally horrified that these people will have a chance to walk free again after committing this murder.

I do not feel that by supporting the Death Penalty this makes me evil. I was not the person who committed such an egregious act of violence toward another human being that was so obscene it merited the declaration and sentence of death. If I were such a person, I would have to accept the punishment that a court of law set forth for that crime. I simply cannot condone rewarding such behavior with a slap on the wrist and eventual freedom.

I don't have all the answers to this debate, but I will stand firm on the fact that I support the Death Penalty.

~ Dawn

Unknown said...

Dawn-your desire for vengeance is perfectly understandable. However, in order to really support the death penalty you would have to be prepared to kill these people yourself and if you are then that would make you know different to these people that you hate. Your reasons for killing would not make your killing morally superior to theirs.

Missy said...

Just because someone supports the Death Penalty, it does not mean that we WANT TO 'pull the switch' or 'push the button'. It means that we feel that SOMETIMES, it is a punishment that fits the crime.

Like I had stated in the bottom of the post, and Dawn DID say this herself, that we KNOW it will not bring the victims back.

But justice would be served in the fact that he/she will no longer be allowed the freedom or the opportunity to hurt someone again, when there was no VIABLE reason to kill the person that they did.

Also, I did state that NOT ALL that kill someone are deserving of the Death Penalty. They must fit a strict criteria and law enforcement must supply proof that shows NO doubt that the person indeed IS guilty of killing someone without proper justification.

Unknown said...

I know what you are saying. However, if you support then you must be prepared to do it yourself. Killing is no form of justice.I don't think what we think of a particular murder makes any difference to the right or wrong of killing in this way: it is still murder, still barbaric, and cannot be justified no matter how we 'feel'. The whole reason for ethics or morals is just so that we don't ACT upon what we 'feel' but upon reason. Acting upon our feelings leads to anarchy and evil behaviour.

Missy said...

Now, what about having to kill in self defense? I would in a heartbeat and not think twice, if need be.

Is that barbaric or unjustified?

Unknown said...

It's completely a different circumstance and not appropriate to this discussion as it could add nothing to it.Every one of us is capable of killing and killing in self-defence is not in any way comparable to the cold blooded planned brutality of execution.

Missy said...

But what bout "killing for any reason is not justifiable"? This would not only pertain to the death penalty and towards murder, but to defense killings as well.

At least here in the US, no matter HOW the killer had killed their victim, they themselves will have a relatively easy death in comparison.

Getting a few needles, while laying on a table, then having drugs pumped through your veins is a blessing-type death.

Whereas the person(s) that they had they themselves killed, most times was killed violently and mercilessly. Some even lingering in pain BEFORE death, which in its self is torturous.

People cry it's inhumane. Not to me. Not when you compare the method of their punishment against how their victim(s) had to die.

Unknown said...

Again, your argument is emotional and is about vengeance neither of which can be taken into consideration in this serious subject. However, lethsal injection is not the only method used and it is not painless. If it were they'd do it the way they put a person to sleep in the OR, and then administer the lethal injection. Plus, the inhuman torture of the person for years before the killing:THAT is far worse than their crime and why so? Because this is administered by soi called good people! This is not about killing or not killing people we think are deserving. It is about saving ourselves from allowing our emotions to rule us and cause us to behave inhumanely. Every argument I have heard FOR CP is one of justification for allowing ourselves to knowingly do wrong but with the lie that we are justified in doing so. I really do not see any difference between a killer killing for drugs or sex or money and you killing for vengeance.

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