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Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Hopping Etiquette

Ok, I'm just going to throw this out here. And yeah, it may piss a few peeps off. But do I care? Nah! Not really. If you read me regularly and know me well enough, you know I don't sugar coat and I shoot from the hip.

I've been with Blogger for a year now. Yay me!!...*Okay, celebration over.*

And before then, I was blogging through CafeMom or MySpace. Don't look for me at either, seeing as I don't go to those anymore. Especially not to blog.

There is a new Blogger page aptly named 'For The Love Of Blogs'. So far, so good. I have now found another wonderful lady to follow. I love the title, too! She named it 'Just Hide The Dishes In The Dryer'. Believe me, there are days I wish that I could!

On Monday's, 'For The Love Of Blogs' does a Blog Hop. I'm down with that. Heck, I even posted BOTH of my blogs up on there in the hopes to get a few hits.

After commenting on my newly found blog page that I instantly liked, I was kind of taken aback. Not surprised, really. Just disappointed.

Yes, in my comment I did state something about the post that I had read. And yes, I also let the blog author know that I am now following her and that I found her on 'For The Love Of Blogs'.

But there is one thing that I did not say. Nor have I ever said it on another's page. And I will NEVER say it... "I'm following you. Please follow me back".

Excuse me? That is just tacky as hell! And I find it rude. I will NOT follow you when you come to MY page and "beg" me to follow you just to be another reader's notch in your damn blogging belt.

I will follow someone *IF* I like their content, their page set up, the subject(s) that they write about and/or that I can relate to and how well thought out that the content is in it's written form.

But if you (generally speaking) come on to *my* blog and get tacky like that, I can guarantee you 100% that I will *not* follow your page, and I WILL let you know that I will NOT and give my reason why.

I may not have that many readers/followers here or at my secondary blog, 'ParanorMel'. But I have followers that came on their own, without any begging from me. If they wish to follow my blog(s) then they will. If not, then so be it.

To beg for followers of your page is like being a lawyer that is deemed to be an "ambulance chaser" to just make a few bucks and up his name in the community some more.

Believe me. That lawyer's name WILL be better known. But for the wrong reasons.


One Cluttered Brain said...

if you like me, join me.
if not, don't.
don't follow me if you are never gonna visit me again.
That's just stupid...
As usual great post!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...


I have received that too many times. I don't like peer pressure or begging and this feels like both.

As always, good post

Vic said...

we mention this in our hops that you should stop by, visit and leave an authentic comment....nothing is more annoying than a copy and pasted comment as we have stated.

Our hops are for fun, making friends who we each enjoy and to follow along because you love them...i'm so sorry your getting those responses and want you to know that we don't encourage that.....i monitor my comments on Freckles and Fudge because of's annoying and rude as you have stated and I've NEVER done that in all of my blogging fact I posted a video vlog about a woman doing that to me and I went off the wall about it, i hear you...and I'm hear to tell you that you will never get that from me...i'm so sorry and hope you will still join us for some weekly fun! have a nice week:)

Fijufic said...

I am a sucker for family blogs. I have been in the spotlight for a long time in terms of blogging and have been grateful to escape. (When Journalspace collapsed).

I stumbled upon your journal on accident.

What eventually happens is that you gravitate toward journals you like. Simple as that really.

It does take some (rare) folks back when you start following them without notification at times.

Even in the land of journaling not everything is logical.

Anyhow, best to you and your family during this Thanksgiving.


Vic said...

oh and feel free to email me...i'm working on a mini laptop smaller than my head so i will be here to chit chat throughout the week.....i'm just going to be very slow at commenting on everyone's site because i can't navigate this very well....:)

pr0udmom0f3 said...

@Vic...It wasn't you and I do *not* see you as the type (or Ashely) to do the "follow mine, I'll follow yours" thing. But there IS a comment over on the Dishes In The Dryer's post like that.

It irks me EVERY time I see it. Be it on my stuff, or on someone else's. No matter if I follow that blog or not.

pr0udmom0f3 said...

@Fijufic...I thank you for taking an interest in my blog. And you are correct in all that you stated.

So how does it feel now to be low key, my friend? (=

singedwingangel said...

that drives me batty as well. I have according to my list 302 followers of those I MIGHT get 2 comments a blog.. WTHeck?? Ya know I am just your crazt stalker from Cafemom roflmbo

Fijufic said...

The construct of Journalspace was perhaps the absolute best blogging forum I have seen before or since. The negative was the top 25 journal. Once you hit top 10 everyone and their brother wanted a piece of you...Most folks were nice but it had little sideshows from time to time. Some were quite sad and or shocking. Other folks were fantastic human beings. Just like real life I suppose.

The site crashed and the owner sold the name but not the software than ran the site.

It is a relief being low key in a myriad of ways. I don't have to worry about topping my last post and I don't have to worry about creeps coming to look for me and or my family.


Brie said...

Mixed feelings. I always let someone know when I'm following them, but I don't "ask" to be followed back... The thought and hope that they will is definitely there, I just don't come out with it. Haha.

I like reciprocation. :P

I wrote a similar post on it, that you're welcome to read. (But I'm not ASKING! I promise! Haha)

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Brie! How dare you ask me to read something of YOURS on my page!! (=

Of course I will.

I'm NOT saying you cannot say that I'M FOLLOWING *YOUR* BLOG PAGE...But I *am saying it is tacky to say "follow me back" (especially in a demanding, expectant form.

pr0udmom0f3 said...

And y'all remind me to NOT say anything constructive or worth some a freaking dime UNLESS I had at least a half a cup of coffee so I make sense and spell or punctuate correctly, would you?

Ashley said...

Great post! And thanks for linking up at For the Love of Blogs. Our hope is that people will find blogs they like and not be robots for gaining followers. :)

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