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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunrise Sunday (Join in the positivity!)

Each week, I will have a picture of a different sunrise at the top of the page. Underneath, I will state the positives from the previous week, and the positives that are to come in the week ahead. NOTHING NEGATIVE will be allowed in the post.

If you wish to participate, find a sunrise picture and follow the directions. And be sure to link THIS POST with your post as well, for your readers to look at, and see how it all works as well. Each of my posts will include the "rules" and how to post a Sunday Sunrise.

For this week, I am looking forward to Hayley's birthday party (today). She turned 11 on Thursday, but I had to do the party today due to school schedule, my husband's work schedule, and a prior family obligation.

Also, I am once again pulling a full day at school on Wednesday. Between helping with Art Class, doing things for Friday stuff, seeing as we (the kids) have Friday off, and also helping with a Staff Luncheon (for Teacher Appreciation).

Then, Thanksgiving is just around the bend. Not even a week to go and I can already smell the rolls, pies, turkey and all the other goodies that will be slammed in to my mouth. YUMMMM...Round 2, here I come!

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