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Friday, November 26, 2010

Yeah. The Secret Is Finally Out.

I guess I can let this secret out. Even though a few "choice" friends may already know. Then again, maybe they don't.

No, it's not about my stalker like fascination with Nicolas Cage. That's already out in the open to the entire world most everyone.

But it is nearly along the same lines. See, I have been watching a Soap Opera of one kind or another since I was about nine years old. I would come in after school, my mom would be sitting there in the living room, watching Days Of Our Lives. Man! That was a great one back in the day (1980's).

After Mom died, I stopped watching Daytime Television (Soaps) for a good two or three years. Then, I started watching All My Children one summer, while off from school.

That show got REALLY good, and the characters were great! Especially three main guys. Edmund Grey. Trevor Dillon. And of course, Tad (The Cad) Martin.

At the same time, I was also getting in to the show One Life To Live. And there was one main character I had been "in to". That was Bo Buchanan.

Now you are probably sitting there, doing the math. Yes, I was an early to late-aged teenager back in the 1990's. And all these guys from AMC and from OLTL are AT LEAST oh, twenty years or more my senior.

And you are probably asking yourself why I didn't go for the teen guys or even the ones in their twenties (at that time).

The answer is simple. They did not appeal to me. Sure, I'm like any other girl. I love a hot, muscular body. But I want the personality, sensitivity and maturity to go with it. And none of those studs youngsters did it for me.

Even now, when I am approaching 34 29 years old, I will take Tad and Bo over Robert Ford and Ryan Lavery any day of the week.

Bo has the good guy quality. He is a hero and a stand-up guy. He is honest and forthright. He loves who he does with everything that he has and shows it.

Tad possesses uninhibited humor, loyalty to his friends and family and is the go-to guy when the chips are down.

If you put the qualities of those two men together, can you imagine the kind of man you could end up having? All I can say is WOW!

My ex-husband (Hayley's father) is sixteen years my senior. And after that train wreck, I decided to not have an "older gentleman" as a husband or a boyfriend again. Been there, done that, got burned.

Now, I am *not* saying that being in a relationship with an older man of more than five or six years than your age is ALWAYS asking for trouble. But I couldn't see myself if something happened (God forbid) to Scott (my current sucker husband) being with an older man like I was with my ex, again.

That is, unless it was Tad Martin or Bo Buchanan.

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Neva said...

I watched AMC for a few summers back in Jr. High. I haven't thought about it in a long time, but watching this clip brought back so many memories! I had no idea Tad, Dixie, and Tad's crazy mother (what's her name?) were still part of the story! Tad has gotten OLD! Is Dixie really dead?

singedwingangel said...

lmbo I am a DOOL fan and that will never change.. How many times has Stephano been killed again?? lmbo

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Neva, Dixie died from eating poisoned pancakes. They were meant for Babe Carrey-Chandler.

Liza is now played by the chick from Melrose Place. It's the redhead.

Niether Tad's mom (Ruth) nor Liza's (Marian) are in Pine Valley now. Nor is Joe Martin. Joe and Ruth live in Florida, and Marian got sent to the nuthouse after Stuart Chandler's death (she was his wife).

Kate said...

Wow! I am 26 and lets just say I was raised on All My Children. I know all of the characters you're talking about seen pretty much every episode as we would watch the vhs after she recorded it each day together. It's something we share and I agree, I like all the older men! I grew up having them as role models and they're more appealing :)

I am now following and hope you can come visit and follow back

Kate xoxo

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