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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


CPS, or other wise known as Child Protective Services.

Can't stand them myself, in all honesty. And with good reason.

In the last nine years, I have dealt with them now at least three or four times. And all involving the same child. And in the end, every time, the reports of "abuse" are unfounded.

Why? Because my kids are KIDS. They get bumps and bruises. My son has a bleeding problem with his nose. And oh my goodness! THEY FALL DOWN and they get HURT.

Kids are no longer allowed to be children. Not when it comes to playing. And also, it's apparent you are no longer allowed to raise your voice, because that is "verbal abuse". And you can no longer spank them (with your hand) because well that's "physical abuse".

People, you all need to learn the DIFFERENCE between punishing or getting hurt and REAL ABUSE.

I got hurt MANY times as a kid. I got yelled at for doing something wrong or dangerous (that I KNEW that I should NOT be doing) and yep, I got SPANKED.

The horror! I had parents that did this thing called PARENTING.

One ER doctor called CPS on me for a "suspicious bruise" from a fall my son had at 18 months old. Guess what? CPS saw EXACTLY where he fell and how and knew then that hey, he GOT HURT.

Another time was after his "big accident" with the bedpost. But it wasn't for that, but for teeth marks left by a cousin. That too was "unfounded" seeing as we as parents did nothing wrong, but it still had to be reported.

Then there were two other times as well where a "suspicion of physical abuse" came to light, one being after my kid had a bloody nose that morning and oh no!! I MISSED a spot of blood on his arm as I was cleaning him up. His bus was JUST pulling up as I got it stopped and got him cleaned up.

So in a nutshell, these days a school, a child-based agency, a hospital or anyone for that matter can call CPS on you. You can LOOK at your kid in the "wrong" way and get called on.

Now a good friend of mine is being investigated for something that was SUPPOSEDLY 'said' by someone else. And this apparently took place a good while back when it was reported. The child in question was already talked to by the Social Worker (at school). The child FLAT OUT denied ANYTHING such as what was stated EVER took place.

Now, the home study portion of the case, where it's basically the "last leg" of investigating to wrap it up and bring forth the agent's findings has been "canceled" THREE or even FOUR times now.

There are kids that are REALLY being hurt and neglected. But you and I are ones that get picked on while the TRULY abused are the ones being neglected by an agency that is to PROTECT THEM.

Those that REALLY need CPS's help get it too late because by then, the children ARE dead.

Where is THEIR justice? I know. It's with the worker who was to HELP them, but instead were investigating and trying to stake the WRONGLY accused.

This "protection system" is so screwed up and ass-backwards, it truly is tragic to watch.


Just Jen said...

My God, I am with you 100%!! My ex pulled that shit on me, and even though the charged were 'unfound' he still has my son because I don't have the $1,500 to take him to court! CPS should put their energy into the kids that are REALLY being abused and stop wasting time on us good parents!

Lady Estrogen said...

I haven't even begun to have to deal with that crap, but I know people that have and it's fecking ludicrous!
Great post :)

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