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Sunday, February 6, 2011

*FEATURED* Blogger of the Week (Week 1)

"Featured" Blogger; for a newbie that stirs-up little chills that scoot up, and down, the spine. Suddenly, after sharing your thoughts, experiences, recipes and more, people take notice of you and little doors pop open with smiling faces on the other side. It's very exciting!

My door is wide open in return; you are so very welcome to come inside for a visit. By the way, my name is Patty.

Coffee is ready, served in one of my favorite Robinson Ransbottom mugs and, right over there, on a table, is the rough draft of a book I'm writing called "Another cookie, please!"

What's the book about?

This collection of memories is a bittersweet journey through my late mother's difficult life and later battle with dementia. Ironically, I became the caregiver for that parent who, for years, turned her back on the abuse of her only child. Somehow, I've grown to become an old married lady of 40 years, mother of 3, grandmother of 4 and a fairly productive woman. Then, a few months ago, I entered the world of blogging.

My humble creation can be found here.

What do I do?

Well, as a licensed hairstylist, I have the privilege of being a support specialist to women suffering from cancer, helping them maintain a positive outlook and appearance as they go through treatment and look ahead to recovery. My nickname "Slidecutter" pertains to a style of hair cutting/texturing done with shears specific to that procedure. Just thought that needed explaining..

Where am I from?

Upstate New Yawk...New York for anyone else. We have our own little accent here, in The Empire State and it's true about that "New York minute"; everything we do is at warp speed and 24 hours in a day is never enough!

Why do I blog?

Through the eventual publishing of my little book, and blogging, my hope is to reach out to other caregivers who might be struggling, who are angry and overwhelmed with the consuming task of caring for a loved one afflicted by dementia, other illness or disorder. I don't pretend to be an expert and I'm very candid, even sarcastic, in my opinions at times, especially now that I've gotten past the fear of being judged as I share several personal experiences in my postings; things like dealing with my own ADD, and my son's ADHD. For years, I've managed to deal with the ups & downs of this disorder, focusing on the creative things I love doing most while always fighting that battle to stay organized in other areas.

As I read over blogs from so many kindred spirits, I've been learning to step beyond my own sadness while finding there are so many positive things I can share with others. There is such a wonderful menu of creativity and meaningful posts to choose from; each day brings a refreshing new delight.

You're invited to visit me at , leave a comment and follow if you really would like to do so; if not, thanks so much for stopping here today!

**Message from Missy.. If you wish to be the next "*FEATURED* Blogger of the Week", then please be sure to go and read up on how I'm doing it, and where I obtained the inspiration to do my own Blogger's Feature by CLICKING HERE. Each Sunday, a new Blogger will have the page to themselves (minus this message to coincide lol). Entries must be in no later than the next Saturday.**

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