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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EDITED..Why I THINK *my* blog's readership sucks..

**ETA** that yes, I did read the blog that now people are starting to Tweet about why people are not reading your blog (WHY NO ONE READS YOUR BLOG). Personally, I do not see where I fit really, within ANY of that posts "criteria".

Now onward with my original post...

True, I know I'm not always the "best" follower/commenter on the blogs that I follow. As a matter of fact, after this is posted, I plan on down sizing the list.

I Tweet and I link my posts to my FaceBook "Like" pages for each of my blogs (most of the time).

Due to personal matters, a busy schedule and stress issues, I'd taken a "blogging hiatus" for about a week. Come back and finally posted, with something POSITIVE. Got a couple comments and a good number of page views. Cool.

Then I posted something that I normally do NOT post. Christian-based posting with Contemporary Christian music videos, seeing as I wanted to share the "pick me up" kind of day that I was having..which for once was REALLY a "good" day.

Then I had posted in my other blog, The "Mental"-ist Mom blog about the effects that the robbery from a week and a half ago had left on my son primarily.

Wait a minute! I think I found what went wrong (or is that "right"?) as to why THAT blog (the latter) got attention... I was complaining or venting. Why? Because I am still LIVID as to what the robber(s) had done psychologically to my children. But my son has taken it the hardest, thanks to his Anxiety Disorder's problems being escalated.

Does this mean that I should always write about negative stuff? Nope. I look at it this way..SOMEONE will want to read POSITIVE things. And I am doing what I can to STAY positive. But I have to be honest..I'm tired of putting forth "commenting efforts" as I can, with no return results. Even by those that have been known to be "regulars" in the past.

Lately, I have commented on a few blog pages of those that I read regularly, but those "regulars" (to me) are being self absorbed within their own pages to not return ANY KIND (seemingly) of comment "love".

Maybe it's me. I don't know. But I can assure you, today, I'm Pre-Spring Cleaning my blog list. And possibly my Twitter list as well. I have even thought of deleting my "Like" pages, seeing as they are a waste of my time to post in and no one really "talks" in there either.

If this post causes me to lose readers, I'm okay with this. If it upsets people, I'm down with that too. If you are extremely upset with what I have said here, then MAYBE you are one of those bloggers/followers/readers/commentators that I'm speaking of.

I don't claim to be Perfect Patty (sorry SLIDE CUTTER! LOL) but I DO try to comment here and there. Even if to just say "I'm sorry this happened" or "What a cute story."... I don't expect long-winded comments, especially since for the most part, I don't give long-winded comments myself.

Heck! I can't even get ONE single Twitter Follower to RE-TWEET something for me, even after practically begging for the RT being that THIS blog has a new URL. That too tells me something.

Oh well. That's life I guess in the Blogosphere...

(Also note that ALL "LIKE" pages on FaceBook have been removed and I have cleaned out my Reader List on Blogger, as well as have down sized my Twitter list as of this writing.)


Hockey Wife said...

Howdy. I'm a new follower from FTLOB's Mommy/Parenting section. I love the title of your blog, it's cute! And totally up my alley. I'm sorry that you're frustrated. I don't know a ton about blog etiquette but I try to be the best blogger/follower/friend I can be! And I'm sorry that your son is experiencing that - I hope he'll feel better soon. I'll have to go back to read - or stop by your other blog to get the details!

Patty said...

Like you, and others, there aren't always rays of sunshine beaming out of my orifices; when I read someone else's blog where they are openly hurting, I try to validate their issues without giving a friggin' Scarlett O'Hara "Tomorrow is another day...will think about it then".
Since I started blogging, I've gotten away from the dark side of why I started writing, why I wrote a book about Dementia, child abuse and caregiving for one of two abusive parents. It's not a popular topic, makes people uncomfortable but, it is real life, not looking through lace-covered windows at pansies in window boxes.

Somehow, I've felt the need to show my gentler, less sarcastic side and who am I pleasing, who am I helping?

I love what you write and appreciate you for the person I've come to know through blogging.

Please don't disappear!


Just Jen said...

I can't find you on Twitter!! I really want to follow you and 'like' you on Facebook, but you are so hard to find! Send me your @ and your URL to FB, please!!

I am like you in the fact that I don't comment much, but I am working on that. Normally, though, I don't comment unless I really have something to say!


Quirky Homemaker said...

I understand your frustration as well. If people stop by my blog, I try my best to stop by theirs. Everyone now and then I'll even get a chance to actually check out my "reading list". Your title caught my eye this time. Don't give up. And definitely don't stop posting the "positive" stuff b/c it seems like people want the "negative". I like to see the positive also!! If I'm having a bad day, it helps me feel better. Sometimes I feel like I'm coming off as a Pollyana on my blog, which is really only half of me. A lot of times, I'm just plain grumpy. Anyway! Don't give up and don't get discouraged. Write because you like to write, not because you're trying to make people happy. I promise I'll keep reading. :)

Ashley said...

Life is getting in the way of my commenting and tweeting. I feel bad that your request for RT went ignored, I wish I had seen it! I would RT you. :) I'm so behind in my commenting too. :(

Dave said...

It's tough sometimes. Life gets away from us and it's tough to keep up on our blog reading. And we feel bad, because we want people to come to our blog, so why can't we go to theirs too?

I missed your RT request because I've found days where I'm completely ignoring Twitter. Other days I'm really heavy. And some days, I tweet things but am not actually reading Twitter, so completely miss what the people I'm following are saying.

I also have 500 posts in my Google Reader right now. Have to address that soon.

Hang in there, hon!!!

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