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Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm not a huge fan of Christian music, but..

There are a few singers that I LOVE to listen to. I'm in to Contemporary Christian music. I like a few hymns that are traditional. But I'm really not a "traditional" kind of gal. With that said, here are my favorites (with a fave song video included).

First of all, gotta give kudos to Nicole C. Mullen. The girl can SING!

As for the guys, I have to give it up to Al Denson. The following song brings me to tears EVERY single time.

I've had the awesome pleasure to see Cece Winans perform one year at an Extraordinary Women's concert here in town. She is even more so beautiful in person and gives a WONDERFUL, praise-filled performance. Music for MY generation, and even my kids'. This was one of the songs she sang..

Another tear jerker for me. I love it though! He is my Comfort and my Strength. Darlene Zschech had done a wonderful job with this song.

Delirious has some good P&W tunes also.

I think that personally, I really needed to hear some of these and just give it all to God. It's honestly been a very emotionally charged (almost) two weeks for me and my family. Between after-school activities, the home invasion and my son's problems escalating due to the break-in, I have been stressed beyond limits. It was refreshing and calming to listen and even sing to these this morning.

True, I'm not a church-going, drop-to-my-knees-every-ten-minutes, constant-Bible-reading Christian, but I know HE loves me, He sacrificed EVERYTHING for me and that He is there even in the midst of every storm to help carry and weather me through.

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Hollis Fam said...

This is great sis, I love it! Nothing makes me tear up like a good praise and worship song. ;)

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