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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blogging vs. "Too Personal" Writing (Also known As "When To Keep It To Yourself")

I'm all for airing out things if need be on your blog. And yeah, I do believe in "your blog, your decisions on what to write about".

But I feel that even in the world of blogging, there is and NEEDS TO BE a line of how much of your PERSONAL life should be divulged to the masses.

For one thing, I really do NOT wish to know about the hanky-panky you and your partner have in your bedroom (or anywhere else in the home). Your personal sex life should be left where it YOUR home, behind CLOSED doors. Be it with your hubby/partner or with another man/woman. I really don't want to know in explicit detail of your "hot and wild night" between the sheets (or hanging from the rafters).

If you are losing followers/readers, then it may be for good reason. I don't like going to someone's blog I have gone to for quite some time, knowing that while they can get a bit crazy (in a good way), they won't go ALL out there. Plus showing ANY kind of "private" body part is a HUGE turnoff for many readers, including myself. I'll go to Playboy/girl to see some skin and raunchiness, thanks.

Though I must say, that MOST of those bloggers that DO write about way more than I and many others care to know about the writer's real (and private) life do have their pages set to "Adult Content Warning"...But when it is up for EVERY single page, be it "adult-like" or not, it's hard to avoid what you wish to NOT read about, and instead, you are too late and are "suckered" in to it. For me personally, I REFUSE to comment on such "open" posts and just hit the back button.

This past week, I had also taken the liberty of "un-following" some blogs. Mainly because of this very problem and because some just no longer held my interest or the content just wasn't up my alley. Like I had said, if I want to see skin, read about sexual innuendo and what someone did in their own home and life, I'll seek out Playboy/girl or rent me a porn movie.

I'm sorry if this angers anyone. But you are honestly hurting yourself and your readership, as well as your comment rating as a writer/blogger by posting things that I don't even tell my own father. And we tell one another everything. I just don't go in to THAT part of my life. I don't want anyone to know about my sex life. And I sure as hell don't wish to know about yours.


Datssocute said...

You tell it sista! I agree, I don't want to read about that stuff, yuck! Well you know you'll never read that on my blog :) Have a great weekend friend! ♥ BJ

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with ya!

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