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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fab Friends Will Understand When I Say "FAWK YOU".

Yes, indeedy. I am once again jumping on two wagons at one time. Who knew I could do the splits? This week, I am joining in with Angel and Boobies in "FAWK YOU FRIDAY", and also joining Vic and For The Love Of Blogs in Fab Friends Friday.

For one, we ALL need FRIENDS that we can bitch and whine to here and there. And of course lend a reciprocating ear.

Also there are times that you just want to tell someone or something happening within your world.. FAWK YOU!

Want to join in the fun, then join in with us!

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1. FAWK YOU!!..To the dreaded tummy bug. Your ass hasn't been to my home ALL Winter long. Now you wait until TODAY to smack my son with yourself? And on a Friday for one. And on a BEAUTIFUL and very Spring-like day where I could have gone for a walk and volunteered for once, seeing as I have missed almost a month.

2. FAWK YOU!!.. School system. You have screwed my kid over for long enough. Now I'm bringing out the big guns. Disability Rights Advocates. Told ya I'm not one to trifle with.

3. FAWK YOU!... To a certain family member who thinks that people will just drop what they are doing as to do something for them at the very last second. It's called work around your schedule better. Last time I checked you were an adult.

4. FAWK YOU!.. To debilitating disorders. You really played with my kid last Thursday. He didn't know if he was coming or going because of his extremely risen anxiety level and not knowing how to "act accordingly" (when to cry, mainly) during the experience of attending his first funeral.

5. FAWK YOU!! To family and/or friends alike who decide to "shy away" from my kid who is different. If only you really TOOK TIME to "know" your cousin or nephew. Yes, he is jittery and talks fast. Or stumbles on words and sentences. Or hugs himself constantly. But damn.. He IS still a human being who needs ALL the family SUPPORT that he can get. And above all, UNDERSTANDING.

6. FAWK YOU!..To myself for not writing this over on The "Mental-ist" Mom now that I realize the patter of this post. LMAO!


Lady Estrogen said...

Tis a good ol' rant if I ever heard one ;)
I'm kinda jealous you just got slapped now - that bitch has been hangin' out at our house all damn f'in winter!! I'm OVER it.

Patty said...

Hey lady...don't hold back, tell us what you're REALLY thinking....ROFL.

You GO girl!!! Hot damn!!!



Shah Wharton said...

Wow- that was some introduction! ;D

Here form the blog hop and a new follower - how could I not?

Shah at


Anonymous said...

Love your style! That's what I'm talking about :) Tell it like it is girlfriend! Lovely blog you have here! I'm visiting from FTLOB. Hope you had a fantastic Friday!

Anonymous said...

Love your style! That's what I'm talking about :) Tell it like it is girlfriend! Lovely blog you have here! I'm visiting from FTLOB. Hope you had a fantastic Friday!

Hello I'm Lala! said...

Awesome post!!! I completely understand!!
Hope you have a better weekend, even with that blasted tummy bug. (My son has had it 3-4 times this winter).

(Found your blog on FTLOB and am your newest follower).


Sherri said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I couldn't get over here fast enough!! This seemed like a great way to vent, perhaps I need to join in Fawk you friday too!!lol!! Sure hope things get better & that the sickness ends quickly!! Visiting from ftlob & am now a new follower!! Happy weekend!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic post! Bravo for writing this...I think we all need to say "fawk you" sometimes!

Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Diana said...

It is a good thing to get it out of your system. And that my Dear is what we are here for! Love Di ♥

Heather said...

Aren't Fawk You Fridays the BEST?!?! So therapeutic... Sorry to hear about all the hardships though. No bueno...

I hopped over from the FTLOB Weekend Wander! Have a great weekend!


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