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Friday, March 11, 2011

I *HAD* A 'Fab Friend' a few Friday's Ago

It's that time again over at For The Love Of Blogs for Fab Friends Friday.

While I relish in participating normally, I had contemplated for most of this week as to whether I should even write this post or not, seeing as so much in my family's life is going on. But here it goes..

There's a friend of mine from a good while back that has seemed to have distanced themselves from me and a few of our mutual friends. We met about three years ago via an internet website. From there, we were practically inseparable, going and joining other sites together as we found them and figured the other would enjoy being there as well.

But in the recent weeks of past, if not about a month or even longer, seeing as I'm really not keeping count this person has strayed and basically "dropped" our friendship off on the wayside.

Yes, both of us have a lot going on. But I have tried to get "something" from the person to acknowledge that I indeed exist in their world. We both are on FaceBook together. But alas, my words fell on "deaf eyes".

I'd noticed the change after this person started writing in their blog of things that NORMALLY, I'd never see from this person, seeing as in all honesty, was very highly out of context for the blog's "theme of writing" that I had come to know and even respect.

But now, this person does nothing but writing prompts and blog carnivals at least 95% of the time. No longer do I see REAL substance in the writing. So I had decided after somethings that were written of a "personal" nature and more than my eye's fair share of writing prompts, to un-follow their blog.

And then I finally stopped following the person on Twitter as well, thanks to never being "spoken" to anymore over there in any way, shape or form. Between both places, this "friend" has yet to even acknowledge that I am no longer on either of their lists as a follower. Or realized we are no longer even "speaking" with one another.

This past week has apparently been REALLY hard on both of us. But unlike them, I made it no "secret" as to what has happened within my family. Not on here, Twitter or FaceBook.

The ONE person that I thought that I could count on, the one I was SURE would be there for me, my husband and our children was nowhere. Not to say sorry to my kids for their loss or to my husband who lost his beloved grandfather.

Yes, I did write something on their wall. But to no avail. And because I didn't know until after the fact of what they are going through, what I had written in some ways I wish I didn't. But then again...

Needless to say, even that post I made on their wall went unnoticed and/or just ignored of acknowledgment.

This person KNOWS I don't do the "one-sided, one-way-street, all give-and-no get" type of friendship.

This person talks with a certain other friend on all these sites ALL of the time. Acknowledging their posts on their page, and converses on their own page when said friend posts there.

If that's how it's going to be, then I think that this person just needs to tell me that our friendship is over. Because obviously I'm not running with the right "clique" or the "cool crowd" of bloggers. Or on Twitter for that matter.

I'm honestly DONE trying.


singedwingangel said...

Missy if you are referring to me I am truly sorry. Yes I have had a lot going on and yes I have been doing carnivals on my main blog. I have always done fantasy stories and just made a separate blog for that side of me. I haven't even been on Twitter much in the last 2 weeks or so.. ON and off is about the extent of it.
I don't comment in any of my groups on FB or anywhere else and have been sorely lacking on my blog reading at all.
I am so sorry about the loss and I went back through my updates on my page on FB to see if you had posted on my wall and didn't see anything..
Again I am so sorry if you feel I have been offish to you, it was nothing personal at all hun. I promise you. I have even been distant from my family that is HERE with me.. so much drama and I am just done with it all from them..
You know you can call me anytime sweetie and I will answer you.. these days that seems to be about the only way I find out anything about anyone..

Ms. Sarah said...

Hugs. I hope it works out for you .have a great weekend. Sorry for your families loss.

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