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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Mingle...Twitter Thoughts

True, Tough Cookie Mommy has yet to place her MM post up, but I need to get in gear with my post, as to get on with my busy day that is staring me down.

If you want to participate in her Monday Mingle, click on the MM button below and check out her page and learn how to jump in and join in.

Twitter. I haz one.

My Twitter Account Page Link

As do many people all over the world. Some of us only follow a few people. Some of us follow over what should be obtained (seemingly) by the imagination. Just like on here at Blogger, I don't do a "follow back for a follow". I go with the flow and if I like ya, I follow. Sure, I do the Friday Follow stuff (#FF) on Twitter. But I don't follow everyone else that others post up on their #FF posts.

I think that Twitter can tell a lot about an individual. Their likes, their beliefs, a piece about their life and how they live it.

All in who they follow on their page.

Take for instance, I follow a number of Science pages. And being I have a Bearded Dragon, well, I follow many other owners/breeders/enthusiasts of Beardies also.

Then add in the fact that I love the ABC Daytime Soap Opera, "One Life To Live", which the Exec of ABC, Brian Frons underhandedly canceled and said will last air in January of 2012. So I follow many of the people that are a part of the cast, or are fellow fans of the show.

Also, being that I am a Corneal Transplant Recipient, I follow some of the Donate Life pages, and other pages that promote and educate about Organ/Eye/Tissue Donation.

I'm a Paranormal enthusiast by night after being a wife and mom by day, so I enjoy shows like Ghost Hunters and follow a few of them from TAPS. Plus some other people that are in to the paranormal as well.

All in all, I'm a pretty well-rounded individual with many interests, tastes and experiences of various sorts. As you can probably tell with my "Following" list. And if you stop by to check me out on Twitter, then also be sure to look in to who I am following as well.

What does YOUR Twitter page say about you? That is, if you have one.


amygrew said...

I also don't follow people unless I have similar interests or think they are funny. Its a bit off putting to have someone tell you to follow them. I pretty much hate it and never follow them back.

Have a great monday! I am stopping by from monday mingle.... but you don't have to follow me unless you like what you read and want to :)

CRichman said...

new gfc follower from the mingle please stop by

Lady Estrogen said...

Hi. Coming from Tough Cookie :)
It's surely a wrench being thrown into the mix with OLTL. As long as they don't touch DOOL or Y&R, I'll be OK. ha!

Missy (& various in Transplant blog) said...

I also grew up watching DOOL with my mom when I came in the door from school. I only missed like the first 15 min. due to walking.

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