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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesdays From The Terrarium

I think I'm going to make Tuesday's a day for Gobi, our family's Bearded Dragon, to shine, be seen and talked about. And so hence the name for today's post, Tuesdays From The Terrarium". Postings of pictures of our beloved Gobi, with at times, a funny caption of what he may have said (if he could speak, of course). Just a light-hearted look in to the world of reptilian ownership, love and companionship.

And believe me, Gobi's personality is really starting to flourish. As are his funny antics.

             (Skyler and Gobi decided playtime was too hard of a job.)

            (They crashed hardcore. Gobi loves being under a blanket.)

            (He (or she, have yet to figure it out) is doing the model/security check thing.)

           ("Did you brush your teeth, Hayley? Dentist Gobi needs to inspect...Good job!")

        (Gobi's becoming accustomed to riding on our shoulders. He LOVES it. Though, we aren't loving the claws digging in to our skin if we have on sleeveless shirts.)

                          ("So....Jump or not to jump? I think not!")

                         ("Hey, Ma! Get to blogging already!!")

                     ("My turn! Hmmm...What secrets can I spill on my blog?)

1 comment:

Dez said...

That's a neat idea! I like seeing all the pictures of Gobi. I didn't even see him in the first picture of Skyler! lol He's sneaky!

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