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Thursday, April 28, 2011

This May Piss You People Off.

I love my ABC Daytime. A LOT. I don't want to see "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" go off the air. It's two hours of my day, if I'm home that is, to sit and have TV time for ME. Not a time to argue over who gets what channel. MY time.

I'd love to see them spared and kept on ABC, or even have them moved to another network. I don't want to see Tad "the cad" Martin, or Bo (the "do gooder") Buchanan leave my life. But, that's what it is..Life.

So many fans are pouring their hearts and souls in to saving these two DECADES-long-running soap operas. And I say FIGHT!


I think it's sad that people are putting MORE of their time, energy, efforts, hearts, souls and even MONEY in to "Save Our Soaps" protests, Tweets and blog/FaceBook postings.

Why? Because HELLO! *REAL* life is happening all around you, people. In the last almost 72 hours, OVER 200 people in three states have been killed. Their homes destroyed. Entire towns demolished.

States of Emergency are being phoned in. People are being rescued, or sadddr yet, "recovered" from the rubble which was once their home or business.

Where are all of you "soap-ers" now? I don't see you Tweeting or adding posts to your blogs or other sites in support of REAL LIFE people who REALLY need YOUR help.

I don't see you "Re-Tweeting" news reports, weather reports. All you *seem to* care about is saving television shows that just lost another about 150 of 200 fans, thanks to ravaging and KILLER storms.

Read the following captions from a CNN article, where yes, now even MY state has reported casualties... (From Breaking News via CNN)

"Entire neighborhoods were leveled and hundreds of thousands of people were without power. As of 4 a.m. Thursday, Alabama Power said 363,511 customers were without power, and as of 8 a.m. Georgia Power said 52,000 customers were without power. Bentley estimated as many as half a million to a million people were without power statewide."

""This could be one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks in the nation's history by the time it's over," CNN Meteorologist Sean Morris said."

"President Barack Obama announced late Wednesday he had approved Bentley's request for emergency federal assistance, including search and rescue support."

"While we may not know the extent of the damage for days, we will continue to monitor these severe storms across the country and stand ready to continue to help the people of Alabama and all citizens affected by these storms," Obama said in a statement."

""It literally obliterated blocks and blocks of the city," Maddox said. He told CNN Thursday morning the devastation was "unparalleled ... the city's infrastructure has been absolutely decimated.""

Get the idea now? I suggest you read the article in its entirety and get the full view of this tragic event. Maybe then, television and soap operas won't be AS important. Real people with REAL problems will open your eyes and give you a new perspective on what is REALLY important...

For me, it's not about television shows.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Thank you for this!
I am sick of the trivial news, the circus barkers, the royal wedding.

I hope your are dry and safe where you live. Tornado's spotted all around us and damage shown this morning. We do not get tornado's here normally. this is new and frightening.

Patty said...

Situations like this definitely bring things that are really important more into perspective. I'm totally with Margaret on all the nonsencial hoopla over the royals, etc., when life immediately around us comes tumbling-down.
We were under tornado warnings here in upstate NY last night; certainly not a threat anywhere near the magnitude of the storms that swept through the U.S. yesterday but, it sure as hell makes you stop and think and pray for all those who are suffering at this moment in time.

Great post, Missy!


Meeko Fabulous said...

Great post. I agree wholeheartedly. People are always having fundraisers for this and that, but why aren't those people focusing on raising funds for the problems going on here at home in the good ol' US of A?

Anonymous said...

agreed! Thanks for voicing it!


Missy said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm shocked that no one that hasn't agreed has yet to speak up..Maybe I made them see what's REALLY important. Like this..

(Graphic images of the damages, lives affected and of one of HUNDREDS that sadly didn't make it through the storms alive.)

These left me in shock, at awe of Mother Nature's true potential power/wrath, and in deep grief and sadness for all. Especially those SMALL children.

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

something has to really be said about these actors. They work daily, memorize scripts that are constantly changing; highly demanding job.

Isn't james franco on soaps now??

Missy said...

@Eschelle I do agree with you in that the daytime actors ARE very good at what they do, and they are top notch in their field.

With that said, while I hope to see the decision reversed to cancel, or even move them to another network, the time/energy/passion of the fans I feel are at a point of annoyance and nuisance.

I'm about to pull my hair out. Especially today of seeing "Save our soaps!", "Don't let #AMC and #OLTL go off the air" and other repetitive posts on Twitter and other media sites by "everyday Janes".

I think right now, that energy and passion that they have for FANTASY and drama of television should be placed more so with REAL LIFE tragedy and the drama of those that have lost their homes, livelihood and even family members.

Plus I have been on the receiving end myself of Daytime Drama/Soaps "passion" on a fanatical level over on Twitter in a very personal way. That right there made me think twice about the so-called cause. Over damn TV shows.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

I am not a soaper but when Big Love ended I was sad to see it go, I wanted to spend more time with the show but then I got over it.

I cannot believe that people are spending time and money fighting to keep shows on- when, hello, there are real issues out there that can use some help fighting.



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