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Friday, May 20, 2011

"Fawk You Friday!" With Angel and BBB.

I'm certainly in need of a good FUF post today. And I rightfully deserve it. Don't like it? Then FAWK OFF!

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Fawk You!! Blogger. You screwed up EVERYONE'S stuff. What was to be "routine" maintenance, turned in to the Blogosphere's version of Hell. I lost a follower on EACH of my four blogs. I have wonky-looking link tags and lost ALL my comments from my readers on the blogs you were so kind to (finally) find and put back up.

FAWK YOU!! To sensitive people who can't take a damn joke. What was SUPPOSED to be a lighthearted look at what I saw coming as a SAH mom with Summer Break looming, turning in to YET ANOTHER "Mommy War".

FAWK YOU!! To a friend (yes I still love her, but she crossed the line) who while I understand you were defending your sister, she was doing a fine job of it on her own. But YOU my dear just had to go the fuck off on a tangent when the misunderstanding was CLEARLY over, seeing as NEITHER of us (me and the other sister in question) said anything more.

FAWK YOU!! This one goes out to certain family members (mainly one in question) who I'm tired of having to "cater to". It's not fair that I basically HAVE TO do x, y or z but get nothing in return unless I practically beg. Or say that you (the one certain family member) are my last resort.

But YOU expect EVERYONE to take you places, help pick up YOUR kid and to watch said kid. It's NOT OUR fault that you have no license (because honestly you are too lazy, not that you can't due to legalities at this point), have no other mode of transportation, have no REAL and steady job (sorry but working privately "under the table" isn't going to pay the bills and using the 'I need more money to do this/that job and I'm too good for that job' attitude ain't helping ya).

And you pay NO ONE a damn dime for ANY of the shit we all do for you. And we are ALL tired of being used. It costs MONEY that we really do NOT have in our pockets to burn the extra gas. And you go off and get all pissy if one of says no to taking you somewhere or can't because of a prior obligation. Last I checked, we also had a life and are NOT the center of the universe, either.

FAWK YOU!! To the "help" for my husband at work. Must be nice to (on average) get 3 out of 4 Saturdays off every month. Especially being that YOU are on the bottom (pretty much) of the Seniority Totem Pole.

If my husband is not allowed to have NEXT Saturday off for what will be the last HUGE Family Reunion (where EVERYONE from both sides of his late grandfather's side of the family) for us before his Grandmother passes (who says she KNOWS she hasn't got much longer herself and has pretty much given up since his passing where being alone is concerned) then I truly think that the UNION Reps should have it brought to their attention. Because last I checked, SENIORITY rules. And you my friend are NOT above my husband anywhere in that store.

My husband busts HIS ass more so than the other guy EVER does but the "help" gets "rewarded" with his (every weekend) request to have Saturday off. Something is VERY wrong with this picture. Must be nice to have EVERY effing Saturday off with YOUR family.

True, my husband gets Sundays off (for the most part), but those are "automatic" due to his boss's scheduling preference and the fact it is scheduled around the truck's schedule of when they drop off orders. NOT because my husband pencils in Sundays off EVERY effing week. Big difference.

Shooo!!! I feel somewhat better after unloading all that crap off my barely-there chest. Next week won't be too much better. I have to be at the school almost every single day for something or another, being it's the last week of school. But it's going to be a FUN week.


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Unknown said...

Ohh sounds like you have had my kind of week. I have a few of those same people in my life..

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