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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama bin Laden's "death picture"

Normally, I don't put out more than one post per blog, per day. But today is a bit different. Because there has been a major change in the course of our history. Not only in my country, the United States of America, but globally.

The reign of terror known as Osama bin Laden is OVER. At least where the man himself is concerned. Now, we should plan our next move to abolish the entire al Qaeda group, in my opinion.

In the wake of his death, people have been making so-called rallying cries as for being furnished the "proof" that the Devil's next of kin is really, honestly, most in fact D-E-A-D.

Well, I'm just going to come out and say it...

People that are demanding a picture of a dead bin Laden are NUTS! And they are not thinking of what COULD happen if those photos are released.

Plus, I do NOT want my SMALL children to be given the chance to see an extremely graphic picture of a man with holes through his skull.

I'm reading the article via CNN's news site about the "debate" to release OBL's death pictures. CLICK HERE TO READ FOR YOURSELF.

The following picture below IS graphic, but is also a *FAKE*. Be warned though, it's not pretty, and it makes me queasy.

Now, just think, if you think this one, which indeed IS Photo-Shopped is gross, imagine how much nastier that the REAL pictures will be.

In fact, here is a quote from Collin Powell, via the said article on his thoughts regarding the releasing of the REAL post-mortem pictures of the right-hand man of the Devil himself.

"Powell said he doubts releasing an image will satisfy doubters.

"There will be skeptics out there as you know whether in the Middle East (or elsewhere)," Powell said. "Even if you show the picture, there'll be skeptics. That's just the nature of the world. Because they'll say it was Photoshopped.""

Boy, oh boy! I agree 1,000% with the man and have in fact said the VERY exact same thing. No matter what, the skeptics and anyone against Obama will cry and say that they are faked and are just showing them to shut the doubters up.

In other words, the President and his Administration can't win, no matter what road that they decide to take. No matter WHATEVER TYPE of proof is laid out for all to see. Plus it could have GRAVE ramifications for us as a nation if we were to plaster the dead man's pictures all over the nightly news cast, and our "celebration" of such means were to reach the Middle East. Talk about seeking vengeance! We would LITERALLY be asking for it.

And I for one believe that Osama bin Laden REALLY is dead and buried (at sea..please don't make me have to explain that to you all, too).

Al Jazeera has confirmed that the al Qaeda leader is in fact dead as a door nail. His followers have been mourning him and are hailing him as a martyr. And they are vowing to avenge the asshole's death.

What more proof do you need?

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Lady Estrogen said...

Sadly, it will never end.
Cut off 1 head; 2 will grow in its place.

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